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Covering Key Aspects Of Customer Service

This week, we felt that it was important to remind our awesome blog readers and super clients about MeloTel’s commitment to providing top-notch VoIP services and telecommunications products. But, one of the ways that we strive to be a leading company in Canada is to provide the type of customer service that matches our products.

Of course, that means that it’s unbeatable! We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of customer service over the past several months and there is still never enough that can be said about it. The customer experience is what makes nearly every customer wish to either come back to your business, or leave it forever.

On, it is written that there are three main aspects of customer service that all business owners should focus on. The first one is to properly manage the price sensitivity of customers. That means doing your part in offering customers a great deal especially during tough economic times.

This is why MeloTel happily offers numerous discounts and bundle packages to assist our customers in getting the products and services they need to run their companies. You may recall that we recently announced that our Online Shop was offering a number of discounts on some great items – many of which are office necessities.

In addition, our new Blogging Bundles offer a very cost-conscious approach to increasing your company’s website traffic and expanding the popularity of your brand online. We believe strongly in offering our customers the best possible products and services at the best possible prices.

We also feel that this will help build strong customer relationships for the long haul. According to, stakeholder retention is the second key aspect of customer service that business owners should pay attention to. This refers to making all of your key players happy in order for “smooth sailing”.

That involves both your customers and the members of your staff. The website points out that it’s an expensive practice to win over new clients and hire new employees. So remember that the ones you already have become more important and more valuable over time. “The fate of the two is very likely to be closely linked as good customer service and job satisfaction often work in tandem,” says the site.

Finally, the best marketing tool you have is simply how you treat those that support your business. Your customers should always feel valued when dealing with your company. Whether you meet them face to face or speak to them over the phone, let your customers know that you appreciate their business. The use of social networking will certainly help with this as well. Your appreciation can never be overstated.