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Social Interactions Between Employees Can Be Good For Business!

There are a number of business owners out there who discourage social interactions between their employees. They view socializing as something that diminishes productivity. A “strictly business” approach in the workplace is the idea that some executives feel is the key to their companies’ successes.

The MeloTel team definitely does not agree with this approach at all. One visit to our office will quickly inform any visitor that we’re quite the social bunch. Our employees interact with each other both inside and outside of the office and consider each other friends. We much prefer it that way. The most obvious reason, we would think, is that it makes each work day a lot more enjoyable!

Don’t assume that social interactions between employees automatically hamper productivity.

Our experience has proven that it’s actually quite the opposite. When employees have genuine likes for each other, it encourages teamwork. This is something that fosters productivity instead of hindering it. Our team members genuinely want to see each other succeed. Whenever helping hands are needed, they are readily offered in our office. We highly recommend that you work to make social interactions a part of your company culture.

One way to do that is to conduct morning meetings. Our Founder and CEO, John Meloche, has long been a proponent for the morning meeting. He considers it the ideal way to begin each work day. A long-time call centre manager, John knows that offering words of motivation first thing in the morning is a key ingredient to having a productive day.

“Business meetings are the perfect environment for encouraging teamwork, be it among staff or between client and account manager,” says Lynda Moultry Belcher on, “It provides a forum with which to set team goals and brainstorm ways to meet them, considering input from everyone in the meeting, versus just one person.”

Keep in mind that morning meetings don’t need to be all business.

In fact, they should incorporate “pick me ups” such as jokes and stories about the weekend. Of course, it’s also wise to encourage employees to share helpful tidbits that will assist other team members with their jobs. A light-hearted beginning to each day is bound to boost overall employee morale, as well. And it should go without saying that happy employees do the best work. Not to mention, it also makes it easier for them to make customers happy!

At MeloTel, we strongly believe that interacting with your employees is a hugely important way to improve their performances. Never underestimate the power of feedback. Providing both positive reinforcements and constructive criticism is integral to keeping your staff members productive.

Our Monitor/Whisper Control Panel is arguably the best way to provide the feedback your associates need.

If you operate or manage a call centre, this great service will enable you to both listen to calls live and whisper information to your reps while they are on those calls. For information about Monitor/Whisper Control Panel, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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