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Revisiting The Benefits Of Single Number Reach

By simple virtue of the fact that you are a business owner, one can easily assume that you are a busy person. Running a business automatically means that you have a lot on your plate each and every day. In all likelihood, you even work on weekends and holidays. After all, if you aren’t looking out for the best interests of your business, then who is? Of course, you can’t do everything all by yourself. You need the help of a strong team in order for your business to succeed.

However, at the end of the day, it is your show. And, if you own a small business, chances are that your clients and colleagues will often want to get in touch with you directly. But with such a busy schedule, how will you have the time to take all of those calls? The truth is, you won’t always have the time. Giving your clients and colleagues the knowledge that you are easily accessible, however, can go a very long way in improving your business’ success.

People like to know that they can depend on the businesses that they work with. They’d much prefer to know that, even if you’re busy, their concerns are among your top priorities. Pulling that off is often as simple as answering phone calls the first time they come through to you. As a business owner on-the-go, you’re not always around to take those calls. And that’s why you need to make use of Single Number Reach!

Perfect for the small business owner on-the-go, Single Number Reach is a virtual phone number service that allows you to forward one local number to up to five different phone numbers of your choice. With this incredibly unique feature, you will never miss another important phone call again! Not only will you get your own telephone number to use no matter where in North America you may be, but you can also receive voicemails to your email.

That means that even when it is simply not feasible to pick up your phone calls, you will be given an additional avenue to retrieve your messages. Being accessible, after all, isn’t just about picking up every call that comes through. It means being able to attend to messages in quick and efficient manners. Again, customers like knowing that they are priorities. The quicker you address their concerns, the better your company looks.

As mentioned, Single Number Reach helps to ensure that your clients can contact you no matter where in North America you may be. It works with all of your existing phone services to redirect calls to multiple phone lines. So, with just one number, a customer can reach you at your office, your cell phone, your home line or an answering service. The five numbers that ring when your phone number is dialed is totally up to you!

Single Number Reach also allows you to prioritize your contact numbers so that you have the power to decide the best way for your callers to find you. You can either automatically forward incoming Single Number Reach calls to a five phone numbers of your choice simultaneously or select a sequence of phone numbers to call in priority sequence. You may also change your forwarding numbers, manage your greetings and access your messages anytime you want.

One of the best ways to utilize Single Number Reach is to have a toll free number used as your main contact number. The generally easy-to-remember number is a great way to elevate the professional reputation of your brand. For more information on this fantastic feature, do not hesitate to call MeloTel using our very own easy-to-remember toll free number, 1-888-MELOTEL today!

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