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Public Survey: Which Headset Sounds Better To You?

MeloTel is conducting a public survey! Would you do us the honour of taking just a minute of your time to participate in it? Over the years, we have offered many different headset models to our customers. There are two headsets, in particular, that we are curious about. We are conducting a survey to help us figure out which of the two provides better sound quality.

Contestant number one is the Armor TelPro 1200 headset. It’s a high-quality headset that is known for being very durable. It’s also very cost-effective as it has a price tag under $100. Contestant number two is a competitively-priced headset that boasts excellent sound quality. It’s the Poly Encore Pro 310 which comes in both a single and double ear version. It also goes for under $100.

The survey takes under one minute to complete!

By taking this short survey, you will be shaping the future offerings of MeloTel. We would greatly appreciate your help so thank you in advance! Click HERE to open the Headset Quality Public Survey.

To complete it, we kindly ask that you listen to the audio files that are displayed. Each of them provides an example recording of the two different headset sounds. You may listen to the recordings as many times as you like. To hear the recordings again, simply click the play buttons provided. Be sure to increase the volume of your device and listen very closely.

Contestant #1: TelPro 1200-J Single-Ear NC Jabra Compatible Headset

The Armor 1200 Monaural (One-Ear) includes a noise-cancelling microphone and fully adjustable features. It includes an expandable headband and 300 degree flexible microphone positioning. The advanced noise cancelling microphone blocks up to 80 percent of all background noise. Naturally, this is a great headset for individuals working either from home or in the office as it helps to eliminate surrounding distractions.

Its main features include:
-acoustic shock protection which prevents spikes in audio
-an adjustable boom arm (300 degree rotation)
-super lightweight design
-lightweight and flexible cable
-leatherette and foam ear cushions

Contestant #2: Poly EncorePro 300 Series Headset

The Plantronics EncorePro 300 Series is excellent for workers, callers and your bottom line. It provides all-day comfort, total reliability, acoustic protection and voice optimization. It also offers noise-cancelling so that your customers can hear you clearly. Your call centre business is the front line of your customer support system. With this headset, you’ll give your team everything it needs to shine. The Poly EncorePro 300 Series Headset offers both quality and affordability. That all adds up to exceptional value.

Its main features include:
-excellent audio quality
-a flexible boom microphone which lets you position it optimally
-noise cancellation
-speakers that provide voice-optimized frequency response
-dynamically switching frequency response which improves the quality of sound for multimedia (such as music and video)

Thank you once again for taking our new Headset Quality Public Survey! As mentioned, your assistance will help MeloTel to shape all of its future offerings. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. You may also email us at