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MeloTel Version 4 is paving the way for WebRTC

Presently MeloTel is VoIP Panel is released 3.7, however we are now planning a major release of our latest VoIP Panel Version 4. With this update comes some major improvements and paves the way for full utilization of WebRTC. Since MeloTel VoIP Panel Version 4 is a major release, the current release notes contain only the changes that, in our opinion, might affect existing customers.

If you have any questions about how these changes affect you, please contact your MeloTel Account Manager directly.

In VoIP Panel 4 email address of accounts should be unique.
Preparation for Hubgets provisioning in VoIP Panel.
Added support for multiple contacts per extension (SIP forking).
Added user management roles (owner, administrator, member).
Allow to enable/disable SIP presence and notifications using configuration directives.
Added support to call extensions while calls are waiting in queue.
Changed format for voicemails and recordings to mp3.
Improved the security of the password hashing.
Added meta information to VoIP Panel login page for a nicer preview.
Added challenge for extensions behind NAT when they try to place calls without registering first.
Added video support to echo function that can be involved with *52.
Improved Intercom voice quality.
Added Reason header text parameter in CANCEL requests for calls completed elsewhere.
Removed requirement to supply voicemail password in phone terminal extension templates.
Improved sounds quality.
Improved usability with no ringing before queue answers call, when call comes from IVR.
Fixed CallerID setting on UnifiedAPI transferred calls.
Fixed possible issue with queue agents being considered unavailable.
Fixed setting duplicate codecs on extension configuration.
Fixed To number in Call Flows.
Fixed silence detection in voicemail.
Mark agent’s local channel as available after transfer.
Fixed issue with concurrent calls being checked for ICR owner instead of ICR target.
Fixed not allowing free calls when the charging limit on public calls is set to 0.
Changed storage for Force MWI and Extension publish settings.
Fixed several issues with parking BLF NOTIFY.
Fixed redirect issues that could affect phone provisioning.
Fixed Exit to operator during queue announcements.
Users with empty voicemail passwords are no longer allowed to check their voicemail.
Fixed conference recording to avoid possible deadlock.

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