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MeloTel Offers Options For Optimum Value

menuImagine going into a restaurant. Now imagine sitting down at a table and picking up a menu. Now imagine that menu having just one dish on it. It’s hard to imagine, right? To be a bit more realistic, imagine not being able to customize your meal to your specifications. What if you have certain allergies? What if you plain don’t like particular sauces or sides?

If the waiter or waitress insisted upon a “take it or leave it” type of policy, chances are you wouldn’t ever visit that restaurant again. Nevertheless, many of the complaints that we hear about the big name telecom providers have to do with the lack of sensible choices that they give their customers. One of our newest clients commented upon his old cable bill as an example.

“I enjoy sports,” he told us, “But the cable packages that (my provider) offers me separate the sports channels from each other. If you order one package, you miss out on TSN. If you order the other, you can’t get The Score or Sportsnet. It’s ridiculous. They trap you into having to spend more money to get the channels you want. Meanwhile, I don’t watch half the channels they bundle with the sports stations I’m looking for.”

We wish we were able to help our new friend with his cable TV situation. Unfortunately, hooking you up with your favourite television stations is one of the few things that MeloTel cannot provide you with. Not yet anyway! But, in all seriousness, this story can be told in a variety of ways about a variety of services provided by a variety of companies out there.

MeloTel has no intention of joining the line up of service providers who force their customers into spending more money for services that they don’t need or want. Instead, we provide options that our customers are able to choose from to ensure they get exactly what they need, and pay what they can afford.

Take our Business Logo Design services, for example. We offer four different packages at four different rates to suit the needs of the various unique businesses out there. One thing that we do not do is make it so that you are forced to pay for two different packages just to “bundle” the ideal features needed to make our clients happy. That’s simply not our style. Nor will it ever be.

The same thing goes for our Website Maintenance Plans. We offer three different levels at three different price ranges that help for business owners make decisions based on their unique needs and budgets. Again, we ensure that no coupling of packages is necessary to give our customers what they’re looking for. This is one of the reasons we refer to these packages as “Affordable Website Maintenance Plans”.

At MeloTel, we believe that value has a lot to do with giving clients the feeling that they are getting everything they need without having to pay more than they have to. We make it our mission to satisfy by solving problems – not creating more of them. To learn more about our commitment to your satisfaction, please give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. Let us get you the package that’s right for your business needs.