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It’s Coming… MeloTel VoipPanel3

BYODThis informal article covers the very immediate future of MeloTel VoipPanel. While the picture is not complete now, we will update closer to the release date with more information. This article is organized as a FAQ.

What’s the next major version of VoipPanel?

The next major version is VoipPanel3. It is the most important release since VoipPanel born in 2006.

What’s new in VoipPanel3?

  • Cloud Distributed model – the most important change is an architecture one. VoipPanel3 is now fully distributed, integrating our cloud technology. This allows the system to grow and shrink dynamically, using resources from a pool of servers/instances, such as Amazon EC2, Virtuozzo, VMware, Xen, etc.
  • Cloud Storage – recordings, voicemails, faxes and other files produced by customers can be stored in a cloud storage system compatible with Amazon S3 protocol. Local filesystem is still supported.
  • Improved Account Model – In VoipPanel3 we have the following account levels: Service Provider, Organization, User, Extension. The Extension is a resource of the User, this means that a user can have multiple extensions. Previously it was a one to one relationship between the user and her/his device.
  • Extension Virtualization – extensions no longer depend on the physical device, it is possible to have a certain feature set on any extension device connected to VoipPanel, assuming that a secret is known.
  • New APIs and Support for Apps – it will be possible to create Apps that use Unified Communication channels. The entire support for Apps was redesigned.

These are not the only changes – there are over 120 total – but these are the only ones we reveal before the public release, which will happen very soon.