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Making Up The MeloTel Team

At MeloTel, we often talk about the importance of offering customers the ultimate experience. We know that it is a healthy combination of great products and services in addition to impeccable customer service that makes any business great. So naturally, we strive to meet the highest standards possible and actually set out to exceed them any time we can.

Achieving such great heights in the eyes of our customers, however, cannot be achieved without a strong and dedicated team. And this is why we believe that teamwork is everything. In the coming weeks, you will be learning a lot more about the various members of our team.

Each of them coming from unique backgrounds, skill sets and experiences, the members of the MeloTel Team make up one of the most talented groups in business today. And like any good General Manager, our company’s President, John Meloche has taken his time to assemble a team that makes him confident that optimum results will always be guaranteed.

And what makes up a good team? Well, just like in sports, everyone needs to be able play his or her position perfectly. There are, of course, many cogs in the wheels that run the MeloTel engine…so to speak. And as mentioned, you will come to know a lot more about them soon. But, it takes a certain mindset, as well, to make up a good TEAM.

Togetherness. For a team to function well, there must be a unified goal that everyone agrees upon, and is willing to work towards. Whenever you have a team member who is opposed to the ultimate goal, your efforts will be thwarted. Everyone needs to be on the same page putting in equal amounts of effort. Our team is all about togetherness.

Efficiency. As mentioned, every team member must be able to do his or her part. A job well done is a play for the team that brings the entire group closer towards its unified goal. Team members must be able to depend on each other to get their respective jobs done. That helps MeloTel to function as a well-oiled machine. Our team is all about efficiency.

Attitude. Positivity goes quite a long way when you’re working with such a diverse group. A positive attitude from each and every team member is pretty much mandatory if you want everyone to work together as a cohesive unit. It’s important to have fun, believe it or not. And it’s important to have the support from your co-workers to stay motivated. Our team is all about having a positive attitude.

Motivation. Always striving for more is the MeloTel way. No one on the MeloTel Team is interested in complacency. It’s made up of individuals who continually enjoy taking things to the next level. Being innovative and always working on ways to be better are key character traits you’ll find in the members of our staff. Our team is all about having motivation.