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Making Facebook More Fascinating

fbBumping into someone without a Facebook account is an extremely rare occurrence these days. In many cases, people meeting each other for the first time will ask for Facebook profile information in lieu of phone numbers for the purpose of keeping in contact. So when it comes to promoting your business, doesn’t it make sense that you keep people connected through your Facebook profile?

At MeloTel, we believe strongly in the power of social media. This is why we keep pretty active on our Facebook account. Often, we communicate our most urgent of messages through this social networking giant. That isn’t to say, of course, that it is our sole means of sending out information to our clients. But knowing how often people are on Facebook, it only makes sense that we utilize our page often.

Some business owners mistake Facebook as an advertising tool. It is, of course, a means by which you should be advertising your business. But the key to using social media is to actually be social. Simply placing commercial-like posts on your page will not generate the type of attention you’re likely looking for. The key is to encourage your audience to communicate with you.

Blog Posts. On MeloTel’s Facebook page, we post links to all of our blogs. Firstly, the blogs themselves help for our company to share its “voice” with the world. They inspire thought and encourage responses and Facebook is a great place for people to leave those responses. However, the blog posts also provide direct links to our company website where online users can learn more about our company’s great services.

Pictures. Be sure to post pictures on your Facebook profile. We do this all the time. And they aren’t always directly related to our business. In fact, the pictures are often completely unrelated to our business. They do, however, communicate the “personality” of our company. They are often comedic or pro-Canadian. They may comment on current events or provide insight to a certain issue. The point is they get people talking.

Bulletins. We often use Facebook to communicate important alerts or news bulletins that directly impact our clients. The recent flooding in Calgary, for example, caused some interruptions to our services in that area. As a result, we took to our profile to explain that we were aware of the situation and were monitoring it closely. Many of our clients were able to get this update through Facebook and were thankful for it.

Celebrations. No one at MeloTel is above a good party. One look at our Facebook page and you’ll notice that we take every opportunity we can to celebrate important occasions. The news of our President, John Meloche’s upcoming first child was originally posted on Facebook. Not to mention, Canada Day and the 4th of July were both commemorated on our page. Do the same. People notice and appreciate it.

Jokes. Laughter is the best medicine, they say. And maybe your company could be doing more to bring smiles to the faces of its Facebook followers. Share a joke on Facebook and watch all of the comments you get. Facebook is a wonderful tool to promote your business. The key to your success lies in knowing how to do it the right way. Have some fun and let Facebook help you build your brand.