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Making Twitter More Tantalizing

twitter_icon4In our last blog, we decided to go over a few ways that we, here at MeloTel, like to make use of our Facebook page. Recognizing that social media can be used as excellent marketing tools for businesses of all kinds, we like to make sure that we keep pretty active on Facebook. The key, we mentioned, is to be social on social media. Facebook shouldn’t be used for advertisements alone.

The same can be said about Twitter. As with Facebook, it’s hard to find a person, these days, who doesn’t have an active Twitter account. Naturally, that means that your business should be on Twitter as well. As you are likely aware, tweeting isn’t exactly the same as “Facebooking” – if there is such a term. You only have 140 characters to work with, so you have to use them wisely.

On MeloTel’s Twitter account, we make it a point to not blatantly advertise all the time. Keeping in mind the concept of being social, we like to use our Twitter account to comment upon a variety of topics. Often, our comments our in response to tweets made by other organizations or individuals. Replying and “retweeting” are actually major parts of using Twitter properly.

Retweeting. The simple act of reposting a comment made by another person on Twitter is very popular. Generally, this shows that you agree with the statement being made and that you wish to express your support of it. Your business will benefit from this as it will attract new followers who may share the same sentiments. The tweets, mind you, can be about anything at all.

One of our most recent retweets simply helped us voice our opinion on how to treat customers. “A negative attitude is like a flat tire. You won’t get very far without changing it. #breakingamish”, tweeted @melzans. We felt that that deserved a retweet. As our customers are well aware, we believe strongly in being positive and helping others to feel the same.

Replying. Communication is key. How often have you heard that? Twitter was meant for people to engage in conversations. So remember that simply speaking at people, but not responding to their comments won’t do you much good on this social media platform. Use Twitter, not just to post your own comments, but to reply to those made by others. This will help you get more people involved in communicating with you.

One of our most recent replies was just done in jest. This helped for us to further express the positive attitude and lightheartedness that we like to exhibit, here at MeloTel. “What’s the #weather like for your neck of the woods?” tweeted @CNNLive, simply trying to advertising the weather reports on the CNN website. “Why do you assume we live in the woods?” was our reply.

Posting Pics. Yes, just like Facebook, Twitter is a great place to post your pictures. Some of our most recent pictures include shots of our new office space. But, as well, we like to post pictures that are humorous including that of interesting t-shirts or comic strips. As always, it’s all about communicating, engaging your audience and encouraging responses. It’s bound to boost your business!