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Let Us Contact You!

Communication is key. These are likely words that you would hear from a relationship therapist. Because without communication, how can you truly have a relationship? Well, we don’t claim to be therapists, here at MeloTel, but we sure do abide by the theory that keeping the lines of communication open will help foster strong bonds between people.

This is why we do all that we can to make sure that our customers feel that they can keep well connected with us. Just a few weeks back, we blogged about the fact that we implemented a “Live Chat” feature on our website. Whether you click the orange icon to the left side of the screen or the white icon at the top right corner, you can get a window to pop up to start a live chat with one of our representatives.

This feature, of course, is available to everyone during business hours. But what about those times when you may have a question or concern, and it isn’t between 9 and 5 during the day? Many of our clients mention that being unable to get a timely response from their previous telephone and internet providers was one of their biggest pet peeves.

Not to worry. We’ll call you! Now there’s something your average telecom provider won’t say. Hey, it takes two to keep a relationship strong, right? So if you’re unable to contact us during business hours, you may now simply fill out our “Let us contact you” form on the right side of the home page of our website.

It’s super simple. Just punch in your name, email address, subject and message (along with a quick security code) and send off your question or comment. You may also want to include a convenient time that you can be contacted if you’d like for us to call you back. But what we’re going to do is save you the trouble of having to contact us again!

We’ll respond to your message the second we are able to during the next business day. It’s not much different than a friendship, the way we see it. Such relationships require a little give and take. It can’t just be one person putting in all the work. As we mentioned, it takes two! So allow us the opportunity to communicate with you when you’re free, instead of having you “chase us down”.

“Those other companies force you to call back on their time,” ranted one of our colleagues last week, “Sometimes you just forget, you know? Or you’re just too busy to pick up the phone or write an email. MeloTel’s site makes it so easy to communicate with someone who can help you. You don’t have to remember an email address or anything. Just fill out a form and you’re done with it!”

We’re hoping that our new “Let us contact you” form will make life a whole lot easier for our clients. As our amazing programmer, Robert Doroftei told us last week, making people’s lives easier is what MeloTel is all about. We’re a company that thinks about the person first. That’s what makes for great long-lasting relationships.