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LastPass Security Breach Is No Major Cause For Concern

The worldwide web has provided us with many incredible ways to communicate with people from all over the world. As well, it also allows us to entertain and educate ourselves by being able to tap into countless sources with just a few button taps or keyboard strokes. Naturally, business owners from all over the world utilize the internet to promote their businesses as well. In fact, we can’t think of a reason why one wouldn’t.

With that said, however, there are those who have concerns about privacy and security. This is a reasonable concern considering that with everything happening over the cloud, a company’s website always stands the risk of being hacked. Of course, there are many precautions that you can have set in place, but they may not always be 100% failsafe. Such is the situation with LastPass – an excellent security provider that was recently hacked.

LastPass, for those who may not be aware, is a service that simplifies your online life by remembering all of your passwords for you. By utilizing LastPass to manage your logins, users can create strong and unique passwords for every online account that they have. LastPass is highly heralded as a service that greatly improves online security. Not to mention, it makes life a lot easier for all of us who have several online passwords for various websites and profiles.

We decided to report on the minor security breach at LastPass today because MeloTel has very often recommended LastPass to its customers. Earlier this week, Joe Siegrist of LastPass firmly reassured its customers, on their blog, that although they “discovered and blocked suspicious activity on our network”, there was “no evidence that encrypted user vault data was taken, nor that LastPass user accounts were accessed.” So, there isn’t a whole lot to worry about.

MeloTel’s President, John Meloche took to Facebook to help ward off any concerns that LastPass customers may have been having. “All you need to do is change your master account password as a precaution,” he informed his friends, “You don’t need to update all of your sites passwords as a precaution. Only if they are using the same as your master password. So…for many of you, that might be relevant.”

Siegrist confirms John’s report by stating that “because encrypted user data was not taken, you do not need to change your passwords on sites stored in your LastPass vault…Security and privacy are our top concerns here at LastPass. Over the years, we have been and continue to be dedicated to transparency and proactive measures to protect our users. In addition to the above steps, we’re working with the authorities and security forensic experts.”

MeloTel continues to recommend LastPass as a trusted provider. However, John also highly recommends the “Two Factor Authentication” service offered by Duo Security as it “will completely prevent anyone from gaining access to your websites, even if they know your master password.” Another alternative to protecting all of your online entities is to change your passwords on a regular basis. This rule of thumb is always a good idea, says John.

Just like LastPass, MeloTel treats its customers as top priorities. The passing along of the news of the security breach in today’s blog is part of our commitment to keep our customers in the know. We stress again, that there is no major cause for concern if you are a LastPass customer. However, if you have any questions regarding the breach, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. As always, we can be reached at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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