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Keeping Your Team Safe And Sound During COVID-19

By now, you’re likely downright sick of hearing about COVID-19. So are we. If we never hear the words “coronavirus pandemic” again for the rest of our lives, it’ll be too soon. However, it’s important to take stock of what is going on here. This globally-spread virus is taking hundreds of thousands of lives. So, let’s just make clear that safety should be priority number one for everyone.

With that said, at MeloTel, we definitely feel your pain as a business owner. The pandemic has terrorized businesses from all industries, forcing many of them to close their doors for good. We hate that this has happened. The only thing worse, of course, are the losses of life happening all over the world. We’d simply like to take this opportunity to offer a few reminders of how to keep your team of employees safe and sound during COVID-19.

Keep the entire workplace clean.

Becoming a clean freak has practically become job #1 for entrepreneurs everywhere. With many companies having opened back up again recently, it’s imperative they keep their business environments regularly disinfected. Be sure to pay special attention to regularly-touched items. Everything from doorknobs to keyboards need to be given more than a simply once over with a disinfectant wipe.

All businesses are different, of course, so give specific focus to the cleaning requirements that apply to your company. Clean all of your tools and equipment before and after using them. Clean all work surfaces as well. Provide ample hand sanitizer to your team members and make mask-wearing a requirement when employees come into close contact with each other and your customers.

Speed up the checkout process.

Do you own a retail store? If so, you may likely already be limiting the number of people who enter your store at any one time. This is an important policy to uphold in order to maintain proper social distancing. You’ll want to make sure the checkout process is a safe one too. Place markers on the floor, near the checkout, if you haven’t already. This keeps people safe distances from each other.

As well, encourage contactless payment options. Most consumers are simply using the tap options on the credit cards and debit cards to pay for their purchases. Nevertheless, be sure to disinfect your POS terminal keypads often.

Have your team work from home.

If it’s possible, get your employees to work from home. For many businesses, this is a common practice right now. Are you equipped with the appropriate hardware and technology to enable your team members to work from remote locations? If not, we’d definitely love to speak with you about that!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the MeloTel team to inquire about how our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services can allow your employees to work from home. You’ll learn about CloudSoftphone, MeloSIP and several other features that will make transitions from office to home easy for your workers. You can also take advantage of Single Number Reach. If you can’t be in your office, there’s no reason to be inaccessible!

Call us today at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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