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Introducing Dynamic Caller ID Insertion!

We’re willing to bet, that like most businesses throughout North America, you’ve been conducting a lot more work over the phone than normal. Whatever normal was before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not likely to return to it any time soon. As a result, your ability to connect with your clients, over the phone, is more important than ever. But have you ever found an issue growing your business outside of your geographic location?

For many business owners, working with clients in far off regions can be tough. Many consumers much prefer to work with local brands. As a result, certain businesses can lose out on opportunities for reasons as simple as the area codes they call from. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone number displayed on a caller ID with a local area code no matter where you call?

New Major Feature Alert!

Consider your problem solved! This past Friday, MeloTel proudly rolled out one of its most requested features of all time. It’s known as Dynamic Caller ID Insertion. This awesome new feature enables you to utilize your DaFeeder Telemarketing service by adding DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone numbers into your inventory to be used as possible caller IDs when making outbound calls.

When you assign numbers to your campaigns, your phone agents will display the corresponding caller IDs based on the area codes they are calling. As its name suggests, Dynamic Caller ID Insertion will insert the area code that is being called into your phone number to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID.

What phone number will be shown when you make calls?

Let’s say you’re currently calling Toronto’s 416 numbers. The caller ID will display your phone number with a 416 area code! If you’re calling Montreal’s 514 numbers, the caller IDs will display a 514 number. If you’re calling Manitoba’s 204 numbers, the caller IDs will display a 204 number. How cool is that?

To provide even clearer examples, let’s suppose your business phone number is 905-555-1234. In your DaFeeder Telemarketing inventory, this number would be considered your assigned default number. When you call Toronto’s 416 phone numbers, the caller ID will display 416-555-1234. Whenever you call Montreal’s 514 numbers, the caller ID will display 514-555-1234. And when you call Manitoba’s 204 numbers, the caller ID will display 204-555-1234.

You get the picture! Dynamic Caller ID Insertion is extremely helpful if clients have many DIDs across the country and want to appear local to the people they are calling.

Not yet using DaFeeder Telemarketing?

Check out this YouTube video! It is the first of many that will outline what DaFeeder is all about. It provides a very quick, non-technical overview of DaFeeder which will hopefully spike some interest and questions about it.

DaFeeder is a must-have for any business that operates a call centre. This web-based telemarketing software allows for your employees to not just have contacts automatically dialled for them, but it functions as an excellent online filing system.

For more information about DaFeeder Telemarketing and the new Dynamic Caller ID Insertion feature, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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