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Hurricane Florence Update From MeloTel

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We have been monitoring the progress and forecast track of Hurricane Florence. At this time, we do not believe the storm poses any direct risk to any MeloTel facilities in the USA or Canada. Nevertheless, we have increased the frequency of our readiness checks and have ensured all preparations are complete should the storm have any impact on customers services provided by MeloTel.

I felt it important to mention that it is very likely this storm will have a significant impact on internet connectivity and telecommunications infrastructure in North Virginia where much of the United States have network and Data Centre hubs.

For this reason, if you are having problems with calling, emailing, surfing a website located on the Eastern United States it is likely going to be related to the impending storm.

Please contact Support at 1-888-MELOTEL if you are in need of assistance with any MeloTel product or service.

John M. Meloche

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