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Getting Creative With Content Marketing Can Unleash Small Business Success!

Social media is all the rage. We know – tell you something you don’t know, right? Well, here’s something that’s important to highlight. Using social media to grow your business takes creativity. It’s not enough to simply post informative content. It’s important that the content is engaging. Your posts should encourage interactions from other social media users. The act of going viral is one that begins with something extraordinary.

What type of content can elevate your brand, engage your audience and skyrocket your success?

Interactive “infotainment”.

Try to spice things up by turning your content into interactive experiences. For example, post a quiz that leads to personalized product recommendations. It will help to both entertain your audience and get you some pertinent information that will help you to meet their needs. A quiz not only engages your audience but also leaves a lasting impression.

As well, try offering up something more than the traditional blog post. Imagine a “Choose Your Adventure” style blog where readers navigate through different scenarios based on their interests. In fact, we’ll give that a try right now! If you’d like to know more about how to make personal connections with your social media followers, click HERE. If you’d like to learn about how to utilize TikTok to help your small business achieve viral success, click HERE!

Make some meme magic.

Memes are popularly shared. Create some of your own to give your audience some quick and easy-to-consume tidbits of info. Infuse humour and grow familiarity by creating memes that align with your brand’s voice and values. As mentioned, memes are shareable. But because they are often relatable, they can make your brand the talk of social media town. Just remember, the key is relevancy and a dash of cleverness!

Visualize with vlogs.

Videos are arguably (although we wouldn’t argue against this point) the most popular forms of online media. Why not start filming some of your own to see just how engaging they can be? There are many ways to utilize video in order to both captivate your audience and promote your brand.

Showcase behind-the-scenes snippets, share expert tips or dive into trending topics. Because they are a dynamic video format, vlogs are great at injecting personality into your brand. By posting them, you can create deeper connections with your audience while capitalizing on the popularity of video content.

Animate your content to bring it to life!

In terms of engaging content, animated posts are right up there with videos. Why not try to transform complex concepts into engaging animations to simply understanding? Whether it’s a step-by-step guide or a playful explainer video, animations captivate your audience’s imagination and make learning a delightful experience.

MELO proudly offers Animated Media and Marketing Packages for social media! Our marketing specialists are experts at creating animated social media marketing images and video for companies of all sizes. We have been helping company websites to capture the attention of customers for years. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. You may also fill out the form on our Contact page!