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Gearing Up To Serve You Throughout The Holidays

Both MeloTel clients and readers of the MeloTel Blog alike (which include many of the same people, we’re happy to say!) know how important it is for us to provide top-of-the-line customer service. In many of our blog posts, we champion the act of being accessible and ensuring that customer needs are met expeditiously. We make it a point to put our customers first, giving MeloTel the reputation of a “people’s company”.

During the holidays, it’s natural for business owners to take some time off to spend with family and friends. It’s a wondrous time of year and we, here at MeloTel, happen to love it a lot ourselves! Enjoying the holidays with our families and friends is always joyous. However, it’s never lost on us that we have responsibilities to our clients. As a result, each year, we create a holiday schedule that keeps in mind that businesses continue to operate each and every day.

This year is no different! Our holiday schedule allows our team to take some days off of work to enjoy the festivities that come with the time of year. However, we continue to be at the service of the many North American business owners who depend on us. Without further ado, our holiday schedule is as follows.

MeloTel Holiday Schedule

In the month of December, our office will be open – as per usual – between the hours of 8:30am and 6pm EST from Monday to Friday right up until the 20th. Our office will close on the 21st of December and re-open on Wednesday, December 27th. We will stay open, during our regular business hours, for the remainder of the week with Friday, December 29th being our last day of operations for the year 2017.

We will begin the new year on Tuesday, January 2nd and maintain regular business hours from that point on. It is our wish to both enjoy the holiday season while also ensuring that we’re not inaccessible for any long stretch of time. However, we will be making ourselves available to serve all MeloTel clients, throughout the holiday season, if emergency situations arise.

How can you contact MeloTel in case of an emergency?

MeloTel always strives to provide 24/7/365 Urgent Network Operations Support & Monitoring. This ensures that our services are always stable and available to our clients. If you have any issues that you wish to report outside of our holiday business hours, please don’t hesitate to call us – 24 hours a day – at 1-888-MELOTEL. Simply select option 3 and leave us a voice message in our monitored voicemail box.

We know we’re only midway through November. But it’s MeloTel’s policy to keep its clients as well-informed as possible about all of the goings-on of our company that may impact our business relationships. As we’ve made clear in many a blog, our customers mean the world to us. We greatly appreciate their support and, as a result, we make it our mission to ensure that they always enjoy their interactions with MeloTel.

For information about any and all of our cloud-hosted services such as our Commercial Phone Services or if you have any questions about our holiday schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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