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Exploring Why Customer Service Matters Most

You’re unlikely to find a business owner anywhere who doesn’t champion the use of his/her products and services. It only makes sense for a business to highlight its goods, their prices and the benefits of spending money in their direction. However, history has shown that the most successful businesses are the ones that have the most loyal of customer bases. Repeat customers – people who truly trust the brands they support – make all of the difference.

How do companies secure repeat business? Gaining and maintaining loyalty is all about placing focus on customer relationships instead of marketing products and services. When people feel that they are valued and appreciated by the companies they support, they are a lot more likely to stick with them for the long haul. Furthermore, they tend to tell others about their experiences. And this only helps for businesses to grow the sizes of their loyal customer bases.

You see, it’s the customer service aspect of a business that customers truly remember. Consider all of the products that you’ve purchased in the past year. It’s likely that you’re having a tough time recalling even half of them, right? Now, consider the companies you support the most often. Are there stores that you tend to go back to regularly? Are there experiences that you remember that keep you coming back? It’s probably not hard to list your favourite brands.

Why do people place so much value on customer service? A need for excellent customer service speaks to a basic human necessity: happiness. It’s truly that simple. People much prefer to be in good moods over bad moods, don’t they? You can never take the humanness out of your interactions with your customers because that’s what they remember most about you. They also remember if you are cold, unfeeling and impolite.

And there’s nothing like bad customer service to get customers to leave a business forever! Don’t ever forget that we’re living in a social media-obsessed world, as well. A bad customer experience, these days, quite often leads to negative Facebook posts and angry tweets about the business that offered the poor experience. If you don’t want bad publicity spreading about your brand, you’ll be sure to treat every customer with the utmost respect and courtesy.

How can customer service work as a marketing tool? The same way that bad publicity can quickly spread, positive reviews can spread just as fast. For the most part, people like to share their stories about companies they enjoy supporting. Many take pride in having made a “great find” when they begin working with a business that is a cut above the rest. So, naturally, they tell others about it.

There is no question that word-of-mouth promotion is the most valuable type of advertising your business can get. When you make efforts to ensure that you’re providing the best customer service around, you’re bound to get people talking about it. And that’s the type of marketing that simply can’t be beat!

At MeloTel, we strive to provide the absolute best customer service in our industry. To get a taste of it for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website! Be sure to ask us about our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services!

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