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Enter Our “Cutest Pet Contest” On Facebook!

As both MeloTel clients and blog readers alike are well aware, we are no strangers to contests. In fact, the entire MeloTel team loves a good contest! And, because of that, we have regularly doled out opportunities for our clients to win $100 cash prizes. Allow us to take this opportunity to remind you that an ongoing MeloTel contest that offers a $100 giveaway is still in full effect.

By going to our Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission page, you can enter yourself into our monthly contest to win a $100 cash prize. Entry is as simple as filling out your name, business name, email address and submission of a unique tip or trick. Your suggestion can literally be about anything! It can be related to your business or it can be a personal tidbit that has helped you along in your day.

If your submission is chosen for a future MeloTel newsletter and/or blog, you will receive $100 through an email money transfer. It’s that simple! However, today, we’d like to offer you yet another chance to win $100 through a brand new contest that we think will be our most enjoyable and fun one yet!

Introducing the “Cutest Pet Contest”!

You’re going to love this one! Entering this contest is as easy as taking a picture of you and your pet and uploading it as a comment on the MeloTel Facebook page. Here is the LINK to the official “Cutest Pet Contest” post on our Facebook page. By adding the photo of you and your pet in the comment section, you will automatically be entered into the contest.

Here’s a tip: submit the cutest photo you can find! Maybe your pet can do something especially unique. Or maybe, you have a pic of your pet in a cute little outfit. The MeloTel team will serve as the judges to this contest and everyone is looking for that big “Awwww” factor to determine the winner. Have some fun with this one and feel free to share your story about the relationship you have with your beloved pet in your comment.

There are a couple of simple rules!

Rule #1: Please LIKE the MeloTel Facebook page. By doing so, your pet pic will become eligible for entry in the contest. Rule #2: You may only submit one picture per pet. We’re sure you have plenty to offer. However, we can only accept one entry per pet that you have to keep things fair. Remember, the cuter the pic, the better your chance of winning the $100 cash prize!

The winner of the “Cutest Pet Contest” will be announced on Wednesday, June 20th on the MeloTel Facebook page. That gives you just under a month to submit your photo. And please don’t hesitate to share our post about the contest with your family and friends as anyone is allowed to enter this contest whether they are MeloTel clients or not.

If you have any questions about the contest, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website! Good luck!

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