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Continuing Our Commitment To Provide Great Value

It’s the second last day of the month. And you know what that means! It’s the second last day for you to enter to win MeloTel’s monthly $100.00 giveaway! All you’re required to do, in order to be eligible for the cash, is to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. It, literally, only takes a couple of minutes to complete. And like a number of our clients have already learned, doing so can make you $100.00 richer by the end of the month!

Just ask Denise Lawrence of Synergy Marketing or Brad Atkin of Canadian POS Corporation (a two-time winner!). Their filling out of our survey made them winners. At MeloTel, we’re more than happy to reward our clients with such cash prizes as the information that we receive from the Customer Satisfaction Survey is incredibly valuable to us. As you may know, MeloTel strives to provide the absolute best customer service in the telecom industry.

If you have had any recent interaction with a member of our technical support staff, you are eligible to fill out the survey for your chance to win some money. Your feedback helps for us to reach our goal to provide the absolute best customer service of any company anywhere! Based on the feedback that we’ve received so far, from these surveys, we’re doing a pretty good job. But, believe it or not, we’d like to know more about what we’re not so good at.

We believe that the best way for us to improve upon our customer service practices is to learn from our mistakes. And there is no one better in the world to let us know what those mistakes are than our awesome customers. Don’t worry, we won’t think that you’re any less awesome if you offer us your constructive criticism when you fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Such feedback has already helped us greatly.

For example, we are well aware that our customers appreciate speedy resolution times, getting clear answers and being spoken to respectfully. These are elements of our customer service that we’ve always been committed to practicing. But we have also learned that customers appreciate receiving exceptional value. Everyone likes saving money – but not at the cost of losing out on quality. So we feel that we’ve come up with some sound solutions.

Earlier this week, we unveiled our brand new offer of a free Toronto 416 number with the signing up of any of our telecom services. That includes both our Commercial Phone Services, of course, and the amazingly popular Single Number Reach feature. By offering free 416 phone numbers to our clients, we give them the ability to join the prestigious list of businesses that have benefitted from using Toronto’s popular and well-respected area code.

Of course, the offer also offers the additional value that our customers are looking for. With Single Number Reach only costing $26 per month, and coming with such features as unlimited calling, a local phone number, Voicemail in your Email and Caller ID, we feel that MeloTel definitely has a handle on the whole “providing our clients with great value” thing. Thank you to everyone who offered us the feedback that helped to commit to providing such value!

We look forward to hearing more about what we can do to better our customer service. Now, don’t forget to take advantage of our new Toronto 416 number offer. Simply give MeloTel a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. And, just another reminder that if you’d like a chance to enter May’s draw for the $100.00 cash giveaway, take a few moments to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Good luck!

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