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In The Business Of Saving You Money

saving moneyIf it’s one thing that we can safely say that everybody has in common – it’s that we like to save money. Who doesn’t, right? Any time you have an opportunity to save a buck, you should take advantage of it. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be skimping on quality. As a friend of MeloTel’s recently said, “I can’t afford to buy cheap”. When asked what he meant, he was quick to explain.

“When you buy cheap, you tend to spend more,” he began, “Because when you buy things of poor quality, you’ll have to keep buying them over and over again to replace them when they break or get worn down. If you buy good quality stuff from the beginning, it will last longer. Then, you don’t have to buy anything to replace it. You end up saving money in the long run.”

Makes sense to us. Perhaps, this is why, at MeloTel, we believe so strongly in saving our customers money without skimping on quality. Take our VoIP Telephone Services, for example. We know, for a fact, that we charge less than those big-name telecom providers. But we also insist upon providing top quality. With the way we price our services, it is our intent to gain both the trust and respect of business owners all over Canada.

We do this by saving them money, but not providing them with subpar services. How do we save them money, exactly? Well, first we offer would-be clients a free consultation that involves us taking a look at their telecom bills from their big-name providers. Not only do we explain where they can receive savings with MeloTel, but we offer a free phone when they sign up with us!

This is no gimmick. It is our way of showing that we appreciate their business, and that we are a trusted brand. With that said, we also feel that it’s important that we save our customers money when they need equipment to run their offices. A quick look at our MeloTel Shop will show you that we have many important items on sale at the moment. Great quality for less is the name of the game, once again.

There are a number of things that MeloTel has offered its clientele for free as well! For example, we’ll happily retweet our clients anytime they mention us. This may not seem like much – because it doesn’t take much to do – but the use of social media is of huge importance in today’s tech-savvy world. At MeloTel, we’re only too happy to assist our customers in ways that other companies wouldn’t.

We love what we do, here at MeloTel. And we want you to love for us to do things for you. Take our Voice Talent Production team, for example. There are particular projects that we’ve done for free – and would be willing to do free for you if we feel that it’s a project that will benefit our portfolio. The key, of course, is for us to record a radio spot, jingle or other voiceover project that will benefit you too!

Call us up at 1-888-MELOTEL and let us know how we can help you to save money. Remember, you won’t be losing out on quality just because you’re paying us less than what you’d pay your other telecom providers. At MeloTel, we’re all about putting smiles on faces. And we know that one big way to do that is to keep more cash in your pockets! Let’s talk soon!