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Become Superior Through Social Media

At MeloTel, we’re pretty excited about the new blogging bundles we introduced last week because we know how much they can help your company. We are confident of this because of the success we have attained from blogging and taking part in social networking ourselves.

As we have mentioned in our blogs over the past couple of weeks, the success found in social networking has everything to do with the relationships you develop with your friends and followers. These days, it’s no longer just about selling a product or service. Instead, customers are more apt to consider their personal connections to a brand.

What that means is that they must have some attachment to the company they are supporting. Do you use your social networking profiles to communicate directly to people? Or are you only using them to advertise? Do you take into consideration the comments people leave for you? Or are you too busy to even read them?

Paying close attention and giving consideration to those who reach out to you is what will better help you to establish a strong and growing customer base. This is why the blogging bundles offered by MeloTel include both regular blogs and updates to your social media profiles. We understand that your busy schedule may not permit you the time to do all of this yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to keep your profiles regularly updated. On, Steve Schlagel writes that “social networking marketing is the new normal for small business marketing strategies. Why? It helps you engage customers and partners: past, present, and future.”

Social media, he continues, should be used for more than a simple “meet-and-greet”. Your Facebook and Twitter pages, for example, help you to establish your business identity online. They let your customers know where to find you and what they will find at your place of business.

Your pages should also help you “announce and inform”, says Schlagel. They are great ways to give your customers insight on your products, services and the direction of your company. Social networking also helps you to ask for referrals and can help you build alliances with other businesses.

Writes Schlagel: “The ‘trick’ is to work the social media site in such a way that the readers feel that they are part of a virtual process that gives and takes, talks and listens, advises and consents. Link prior contacts with new online contacts, and you can easily expand your ability to get introductions to key players in any industry.”