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Adobe Flash Player Will No Longer Be Supported In 2021

It feels like a long time ago now, but there was once a time when having a Flash intro on a website was a very cool thing. It added a motion picture element to the online experience which, by today’s standards, is pretty ho hum. After all, video is all over the internet already. And the truth is that unless users wish to view videos, they aren’t particularly welcome.

Not to mention, we live in a “want it now” society where immediacy is important. Online users expect to receive the information and/or media they’re looking for without having to sit through a video intro of any kind. For this and other reasons, MeloTel does not use Flash on any of its systems. And it would appear as if the creators of Flash Player have caught on.

Adobe Flash Player is coming to an end.

As reported by Microsoft last month, the computer software known as Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported at the end of 2020. Flash Player, which was created by Macromedia and developed and distributed by Adobe Systems, is currently used to view multimedia contents, execute rich Internet applications and stream audio and video. According to the report, Adobe will end its support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020.

It will end up being disabled by default in the next version of Microsoft Edge, which is built on Chromium, the report details. “However, users may re-enable it on a site-by-site basis…Flash will not be disabled by default from Microsoft Edge (built on EdgeHTML) or Internet Explorer 11 prior to its removal by December of 2020. Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020, via Windows Update.”

We thought it important to pass along this message for any and all users of Flash. If your company relies on it for the development and/or playback of content, we join Microsoft in encouraging you to remove your dependency on Adobe Flash prior to the end of next year.

The announcement about the end of Flash Player originally came in July of 2017.

The demise of Adobe Flash Player was referred to as the “end of an era” in the original announcement. “Flash led the way on the web for rich content, gaming, animations, and media of all kinds, and inspired many of the current web standards powering HTML5,” it details, “We will phase out Flash from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, culminating in the removal of Flash from Windows entirely by the end of 2020.”

Now that we’re approaching the end of 2019, people can expect Flash to be disabled by default in both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. As mentioned, users will be able to re-enable Flash in both browsers. When re-enabled, Microsoft Edge will continue to require approval for Flash on a site-by-site basis. But again, users will no longer have any ability to enable or run Flash by the end of 2020.

Do you have any questions about what to do without Adobe Flash Player? Give MeloTel a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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