A Statement From MeloTel On The Recent Acts Of Gun Violence

The MeloTel team is utterly heartbroken. We just hate that we have to make a statement like this one. We’ve made similar statements in the past with the hopes of never having to publicly express our sorrows again. But circumstances have made it so that we have been reminded of the horrifying nature of mankind. Today, we collectively mourn the unfathomable loss of life that has occurred in recent weeks.

You don’t need a news report.

Certainly, you’ve heard of the mass murder that took place in Buffalo, New York. On May 14th, 10 members of the African-American community were murdered in a Tops Supermarket. The 18 year-old perpetrator was identified as an open white supremacist who targeted his victims based on their race. It was an unspeakable crime against humanity that never should have happened. Sadly, such atrocities happen too often.

Just yesterday, another 18 year-old gunman found his way into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. At the time of this writing, 21 were left dead, the majority of them young children. We can’t begin to imagine the immense and unbearable suffering that is currently being felt by the victims’ family members, friends and people of the community. Today, we are beyond saddened. We are gutted.

This is NOT a political statement.

We are speaking as human beings who are mourning the loss of other human beings. This is a message about the immediate need for peace and justice. Our hearts are broken because we know that these incidents are avoidable and yet they seem to happen so often.

To be clear, both the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings are far from the only acts of gun violence that have taken place over the past month. The number of horrific incidents involving shooting deaths grows on a daily basis. While we understand that this is not solely an American problem, we are dumbfounded as to why it is such a huge issue south of our border.

To be perfectly clear, MeloTel stands firmly against racism, hatred, bigotry, homophobia and any other form of baseless discrimination that exists. We stand firmly against acts of war, terrorism and destruction. There is no opposing perspective on these matters that we consider tolerable. Murder is wrong. Period.

We hate that we have to compose such words again.

However, we feel helpless as to what we can do to offer any measure of comfort to those both directly and indirectly affected by these tragedies. Please know, however, that our hearts truly go out to those who are suffering. We wish, more than anything, that the hate that breeds these horrible acts of violence will come to a stop. Sadly, we know this wish won’t be granted.

We urge you to hug your loved ones and regularly let them know how much they mean to you. Be kind to others, show compassion and help those in need. We can make this a better world. It starts with each one of us committing to making small, yet significant personal changes. Together, we can help good to topple evil. We wish you all peace and happiness during these troubling times.