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A Reminder To Enter Our “Funniest Caption Contest”

If you’re a reader of the MeloTel Blog, follower of the MeloTel Facebook page, MeloTel client or just an all-around cool person, then you’re well aware of our “Funniest Caption Contest”! Our second-ever social media-based contest, this particular initiative calls for any and everyone to LIKE the MeloTel Facebook Page and simply add a comment under the photo of our contest post.
Enter the contest HERE!

As per the name of the contest, we’re simply looking for you to come up with a funny caption to go along with the super cute picture of Mark Meloche sitting in his dad’s chair. MeloTel Founder and CEO, John Meloche is currently on vacation with his family which, of course, includes his sons Mark and Lukas as well as his wife, Kathryn. However, John will be back in time to judge the winner of this contest which ends on July 27th.

Submit your funny caption today!

You have plenty of time to add a comment of your own so that you can be automatically entered for a chance to win $100 cash. As you may already know, our first social media-based contest was our “Cutest Pet Contest” which was launched in May and won by Shelly Patenaude and his dog, Harley. We received an abundance of amazingly cute photos from friends, colleagues, clients and many other people we hadn’t before had the pleasure of meeting.

These not-necessarily-based-on-your-business type of contests really work wonders for engaging other people on social media. The simple asking of a picture with a pet or a funny caption has the ability to elicit hundreds of responses whereas general and straightforward advertising will often go unnoticed.

We’ve already received over 100 great entries!

As of this writing, we have 137 comments on our “Funniest Caption Contest” post. With a little over two weeks to go in the contest, we can only imagine how many entries we’ll end up with in total. Please feel free to take the opportunity to offer as many funny captions as you like. All that we ask is that you keep it clean and remember to like our MeloTel Facebook page in order to be eligible to win.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has already entered the contest. We’ve been enjoying a few good laughs reading your clever entries. “I didn’t choose the office life the office life chose me”, “Speed it up…..almost my nap time!”, “Let`s talk this over some milk and cookies!”, “Look Dad, I said no raise” and “What the…These screens have no cartoons!!!!” are all winners in their own right.

Be our next $100 winner!

Remember that you can be as creative as you like with your funny caption. If you like, you can create or even download a meme and upload it in the comment section as your entry. We greatly look forward to reading more of your clever ideas and can’t wait to announce the winner at the end of the month!

As always, for information about any and all of our cloud-hosted services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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