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6 Ways To Master The Art Of Keeping In Touch

“Keep in touch!” It’s an idiom we all tend to exclaim on a regular basis without truly understanding the gravity of its importance. At least, this is true in the business world. When business owners keep in touch with their clients, it makes a really big difference in their relationships. It’s important not only to find ways to reach out to your clients, but to be easily accessible as well. It’s somewhat of an art.

Here are six ways to master the art of keeping in touch:

1. Send out newsletters. Once a week, MeloTel follows through on its commitment to keeping in touch with its customers by sending out a unique newsletter. Our founder and president, John Meloche considers it very important to keep MeloTel customers abreast of any and all changes and developments with our business. His weekly newsletters are his way of saying “we haven’t forgotten you”.

2. Start up a Live Chat feature on your website. Before the end of 2015, MeloTel introduced the new Live Chat Support feature on our own website. It’s provided an excellent way for people to ask questions about any and all things concerning MeloTel without having to pick up the phone. You may want to consider making your website just as convenient for the customers who wish to ask you questions about your business. Our cost-effective Website Maintenance Services can help with that!

3. Utilize social media. We’re sure this isn’t the first time we’ve championed the use of social media. There is an incredibly large portion of our population that makes use of the likes of Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. So should you. Make your company’s social media accounts ways that customers can reach out to ask questions and get important information that will encourage them to make purchases.

4. Set up meetings. Admittedly, a lot of that “personal touch” can be lost when you’re continually communicating using virtual means. No matter how popular the internet and social media get, it will always be very hard to beat the age-old face-to-face meeting. Be sure to book meetings with your most important clients, colleagues and partners so that you can adequately maintain strong business relationships.

5. Forward your numbers. In our last blog, we discussed our incredible Single Number Reach service by highlighting the fact that it’s a perfect “keeping in touch” tool. If you want to be considered someone who customers can trust, you’ll want to use this service that forwards your local business number to up to five different devices. That way, you’ll never miss another important call again, no matter where you are in North America!

6. Write a blog. Blogs are excellent ways of showcasing your expertise. As well, they’re perfect for providing information to your customers that they are likely to want to know. Consider posting blogs that answer frequently asked questions by your customers. Doing so will communicate that you are actively listening to their concerns and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Not to mention, blogs encourage more people to get in touch with you!

If you don’t consider yourself much of blogger, MeloTel has got you covered in that regard as well. Our amazingly talented Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire are incredibly adept at writing on a variety of topics, and have done so for numerous websites across Canada for years. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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