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5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

When we first started out, MeloTel promoted itself as a telephone company – an excellent alternative to big-named telecom brands that tend to charge their customers more than necessary. We moved on to referring to our brand as “Canada’s Hosted Company” – one-stop shop that provides small to medium-sized business owners with all of their business communication needs. But, when you really break it down, MeloTel is in the business of making customers happy.

You see, it doesn’t matter what type of product or service you offer, if your customers don’t feel that their experiences with your company are positive and enjoyable ones, your company won’t build its reputation as an industry leader. Firstly, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients who have helped us to grow our reputation as a happy customer-making company! We certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Secondly, we’d like to offer up a few tips on how you can do the same for your customers. Don’t forget, MeloTel is not just here to make you happy. We’re here to help you make your customers happy as well! Considering that we’re right in the middle of the happiest season of the year, what better time than now to add a little bit of extra cheer into your daily interactions with your clients? Here are five ways to keep your customers happy.

1. Refer them to others. In many cases, your clients are business owners themselves. This is certainly the case with MeloTel. There is, perhaps, no bigger compliment for a business than recommending it to others. It will do wonders for your relationship with that client. One way that MeloTel has offered that in the past is to post “Client Spotlight” blogs about many of our customers. If you’d like to be featured in a future blog, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

2. Stay in touch. Customers like to be thought of as people (since they are people) and not just numbers that add to your bottom line. Do something nice for them. Especially since it’s the holiday season, they’ll appreciate it more than ever if you reach out and offer and little additional help. Send out emails or put in phone calls to extend your warmest wishes for the holidays. Treating people like friends, and not just customers, will encourage them to remain loyal.

3. Ask for feedback. One of the biggest compliments you can give a person is to heed his or her advice. It shows that you value his or her thoughts and opinions. Many businesses accept feedback, but do nothing with it. When you invoke change in your business based on customer feedback, it shows that what they think matters. And who matters more to your business than your customers? Many of MeloTel’s features have come about following feedback reception.

4. Interact through social media. It goes without saying that jumping on Facebook and Twitter are among the top ways in which people all over the world communicate with each other these days. While posting links to blogs is an excellent way to drum up interest in your brand online, you’ll also want to click “like” and comment on the posts that are put up by your friends and followers. The more you interact with them, the more likely they are to show you their support.

5. Be accessible. People hate leaving messages that go un-returned. One guaranteed way to lose a customer is to treat his or her question or concern as if it is unimportant. Sometimes, this is done by accident. Combine a busy schedule with a full voicemail inbox and you’re bound to have a message or two fall through the cracks. One way MeloTel is able to help you with this is to have you utilize our amazing Single Number Reach feature.

Learn more about it and all of our other services by giving us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL today. We promise to make it our job to make you happy!