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5 Customer Service Practices That Always Make Good Impressions

It’s hard to disregard customer service as a number one priority when it comes to running your business. Customers may love your products and services, but what they cherish the most is the respect and appreciation they feel when they do business with you. Consider your own feelings when you deal with other businesses as a customer. Don’t you like being referred to by name? Don’t you appreciate when people are easy to work with?

In order to solidify your brand’s reputation, there are some important steps to take in your everyday customer service practices. Without many of them, you run the risk of turning your customers away. This is especially true when you are conducting business over the phone. You don’t have the luxury of facial expressions, hand gestures and other body language. So what you say and how you say it is of vital importance if you want to make a good impression

Here are five customer service practices that always make good impressions:

1. Listening closely. Active listening plays a huge role in the world of providing excellent customer service. No one really likes to repeat themselves. But this goes double when a customer is making a request. Be sure to listen attentively to the needs and requests of the people you speak to. It doesn’t hurt to review important portions of the conversation just to make sure you have understood everything correctly. That way, you’ll always satisfy customer requests the first time.

2. Always sticking to your word. Breaking a promise is the death knell of many a relationship. And this is certainly true in the business world. Be sure to only offer guarantees that you know you can manage. Don’t make a promise to a customer that you can’t deliver on. Your best bet is to under promise. In other words, if you know that your delivery will arrive within a week, tell your customers that it will take at least ten days. That way, they will receive a pleasant surprise!

3. Being accessible. It’s understandable that you can’t be reached 24/7. But customers tend to hate being unable to make contact with the people they’re doing business with. You should have a strict policy of always getting back to callers within a business day. Remember that no one really likes talking to answering machines. But if they have to leave messages, they will expect expedient responses to them. Don’t keep them waiting!

4. Offering several communication channels. Different customers prefer different modes of communication. Many prefer speaking to live representatives over the phone. However, some prefer using email. Live chat features on websites are growing in popularity because they provide immediate customer service. Do your best to offer as many ways as possible to be reached.

5. Not shying away from apologies. Nobody’s perfect. That includes you! And, for the most part, customers understand that. A big problem arises, however, when business representatives don’t offer up apologies when things go wrong. Show your human side and express empathy when customers reveal their negative experiences. Genuinely apologize when those experiences may have been caused or worsened by your actions. It will go a long way in securing their loyalty.

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