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4 Reasons You’ll Want To Make The Switch To VoIP

In recent weeks, the MeloTel Blog has been focused on VoIP technology and all of the wonders it brings to the modern business world. VoIP, it’s fair to say, is the bread and butter of our brand. By introducing our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services to North American business owners, MeloTel has helped many a company experience their highly sought-after growths in success. But, perhaps you’re still wondering if VoIP can really make a difference for you.

Here are four reasons you’ll want to make the switch to VoIP:

1. VoIP allows you to conduct business anywhere in the world, just as easily as you would in your office. Consider the fact that VoIP telephony makes the use of an internet connection instead of a traditional landline. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, you are not bound by the limitations of the wall sockets that represent the phone lines you’re used to. Business owners have the ability to take and make calls anywhere they please.

You could be in a hotel in Las Vegas taking an important business call using your laptop. You could be busy working away on your computer and miss an important phone call, but receive the voicemail in your email inbox. You could even have a business phone number with a Toronto area code, even though you base your operations out of Vancouver. VoIP phone services can provide you with flexibility you’ve never experienced before!

2. VoIP sound quality continues to improve at rapid rates. Since the advent of VoIP, users have had the pleasure of experiencing vast improvements in sound quality. When it was first introduced to the world, VoIP telephony only worked through computers. This didn’t help for sound quality to be at a high level. Today, VoIP services allow users to use traditional telephones and the sound quality is much improved. Rapid improvements have become the norm with VoIP.

3. VoIP will save your business money. It’s just that simple. When you make the switch to VoIP, you automatically reduce your telecommunications costs. Traditional phone companies continue to deliver bills that include costs for long distance calls and additional features such as Call Waiting and Caller ID. VoIP phone services eliminate long distance charges by making it possible to regularly speak to contacts in far-off countries under one set price.

Furthermore, features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID and many more already come available as part of the standard VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services offered by MeloTel. In addition, you can move your business from location to location without ever having to worry about the hassle of changing phone numbers. As previously mentioned, your phone number pretty much goes with you wherever you go.

4. VoIP allows you to make and take phone calls on the device of your choice. VoIP telephone numbers can be configured to have multiple devices ring simultaneously whenever they are called. At MeloTel, our highly-touted Single Number Reach service has become extremely popular for its ability to have up to five different numbers ring at the same time when a local business number is called. That makes it near impossible to ever miss another important phone call!

As you can imagine, we could go on with many more reasons you should consider making the switch to VoIP. But, we’d prefer to speak with you personally about it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions about our Commercial Phone Services. Simply give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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