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3 Ways VoIP Allows You To Improve Your Brand Image

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of VoIP technology, you’re missing out on a wide variety of benefits that can help to build your brand. One of the most shining examples is the fact that VoIP telephony allows you to make your brand a global entity. By being able to conduct phone calls anywhere in the world just as easily as if you were in your home office, VoIP enables you to greatly expand your reach.

Using VoIP over traditional landlines also allows you to hire talent from far-off countries. By simply offering your foreign employees a simple calling extension, your customers can receive service from an individual in Japan – just by calling your local business phone number! If you’re looking to improve your brand image, VoIP technology can certainly help you do to so in a myriad of ways.

Here are three:

1. It allows you to be mobile. With fantastic features such as Single Number Reach, you don’t have to worry about being confined within the walls of your business office. You can make and take calls anywhere in the world, just as easy as you would at work. As you’re likely aware, Single Number Reach forwards your business number to up to five different devices of your choice so that they all ring simultaneously when it’s called.

Of course, this helps for your brand to be recognized as a reputable one. Accessibility plays a huge role in the reputation of a company. When your customers need you and feel confident that they can get you on the phone, it helps them to remain confident that your business is the one to go to for all of their needs within your industry. VoIP has helped many an entrepreneur keep in touch while traveling the world!

2. It allows you to vastly improve customer service. Adequate training is an integral part of the success of any customer service regimen. The better your phone reps are at handling customer queries, the more customers you’re bound to have. After all, word travels fast these days. And when people thoroughly enjoy their interactions with a company, they’re often quick to tell others about it via social media.

Incredible services such as Whisper/Monitor Control Panel give call centre managers excellent insight into the talent levels of their staff members. With this feature, they can listen in to calls live and as they happen. Gone are the days when you were forced to record calls first in order to listen to them. Whisper/Monitor Control Panel enables you to provide undetected immediate feedback while your agent is still on the call! This helps to make excellent customer service synonymous with your brand.

3. It allows you to expand globally. VoIP telephony can allow you to make international calls without the worry for expensive long distance charges. MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, in fact, offers unlimited calling to more than 22 countries. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, you can have workers set up for your company in various parts of the world and your customers wouldn’t even know it!

VoIP provides expansion capabilities that were once unheard of. At MeloTel, we’d love nothing more than to help you take advantage of it. And, making the switch from traditional landlines to VoIP is a lot easier than you may think. For more information about any and all of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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