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3 Reasons To Update Your Social Media Accounts Regularly

By today’s standards, being active on social media isn’t so much a “for some people” practice as it is an “everyone is doing it” activity. And while it can be said that not everyone in the world is active on social media, when it comes to business owners, it’s wise to fall into the latter category. In 2019 (by the way, can you believe we’re just months away from starting a new decade?), it’s imperative that you utilize social media to grow your company’s reach.

Here are three reasons to update your social media accounts regularly:

1. It helps to grow your brand’s reputation.

In today’s world, a company without a social media presence is as good as non-existent. At least, this is the impression given to many a social media user. In addition to proving your company exists, regular posting helps to convey your brand messaging. The more you interact with others, the better impressions your company will give. Don’t underestimate the importance of the online review. As Corey Morris of Search Engine Journal informs, many social media sites also serve as review and rating websites.

“If you’re unaware which social sites your audience is using and reviewing on in your industry, you can miss out on the opportunity to leverage reviews for your benefit,” he warns, “Plus, you can miss the negative reviews that you have the opportunity to respond to and address professionally to gain the reputation your company deserves.”

2. It encourages greater amounts of feedback from customers.

Social media are where people do a lot of talking. In many cases, consumers feel a lot more comfortable either celebrating their satisfaction or expressing their grievances with the companies they’ve done business with. By being active on social media, you afford yourself many opportunities to interact directly with customers, getting their genuine thoughts about what your brand does well and what it can improve upon.

“If you keep your website and social media platforms up to date you can refer your current clients and patients to any of them to provide feedback about their experience with your company,” notes Kelly Kenders of NEXTFLY Web Design, “For example, if you are a medical office you can ask for feedback about your patient’s experience with the doctors they have seen.”

3. It provides a quick route to deliver pertinent news.

Are you launching a new product line? Are you starting a new sale? Do you have a special announcement to make? There are few ways better than posting the news to your social media accounts to get the word out. As Morris highlights, social media is a great vehicle for disseminating important company news and messages.

“LinkedIn allows for more professional and press release-like communications, but beyond the corporate feeling content, you can leverage many social networks to get positive news out to customers, prospects, and stakeholders about what the company is doing beyond making a profit,” he writes.

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