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3 Reasons To Take Your Business On The Road

In 2019, the ways in which business owners conduct business are a lot different than they were in 1999. Advances in technology have come such a long way in such a short time. In fact, in the ten years that MeloTel has been offering North American business owners VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, we’ve seen VoIP telephony grow by leaps and bounds.

In our last blog, we highlighted some of the top benefits of conducting business on the go. And, of course, we pointed out how our innovative Single Number Reach service allows entrepreneurs to travel while still using their business phone numbers to handle any and all calls.

As we demonstrated, there are many reasons to take your business on the road. Here are three more:

1. Your brand becomes a global entity.

Nothing says “expansion” like taking your business worldwide. This is one of the top benefits of having an online store. It not only eliminates business hours (online stores are open 24/7), but it also rids your company of the barriers set up by geography. As a business owner who travels, you do your business the favour of delivering it directly to target audience members who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to support your brand.

“When you work with clients overseas, you’re increasing the exposure of your brand,” notes John Rampton on, “In fact, if you go above and beyond, your clients will gladly refer you to their colleagues, friends, and family, which in turn will give your brand recognition a major boost.”

2. You get better access to greater talent.

One of the best ways to ensure that your company employs the absolute best of the best is to not cut your recruitment efforts off at local candidates only. By taking your business on the road, you’ll have the opportunity to meet talented individuals from various places on the map. VoIP telephony makes it easy for people in foreign countries to work for you. Your employees in remote locations can be reached using your same business number and their own extension.

“Another excellent benefit of taking your business global is that you get access to a new pool of potential employees with unique skills and mindsets,” says, “You may even find that these potential hires have skills that are hard to find in your home country, which gives you an edge on other organizations in your field that have not yet gone global.”

3. You give your company a greater chance at long-term success.

By expanding your company’s reach, you enable it to grow its market share.  No longer is your customer base made up exclusively of individuals who live in the area where your place of business is located. Your products and services become sought-after by people from all over the world. This is a key ingredient to your company’s longevity, especially if an unexpected occurrence changes the scope of your industry.

According to, “taking your business global allows you to diversify your markets so your revenue sources are more stable: even if your domestic activity is slow, your business will not take as large of a hit since your global market will make up the difference.”

For information about how MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services and Single Number Reach service can make it easier for you to take your business on the road, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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