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3 More Signs You Are A Top-Notch Customer Service Provider

In our last blog, we revisited the ever-important topic of providing excellent customer service. We pointed out, however, that being a top-notch customer service provider means that you do a lot more for your customers than simply be nice to them. Do you consider yourself a top-notch customer service provider? If so, you won’t just show the signs we listed in our last blog, you’ll have the following as well!

Here are three more signs you are a top-notch customer service provider:

1. You’re an active listener.

Just because you may “know everything” there is to know about your product or service, it doesn’t mean that you should be doing all the talking. When customers call your company, they are looking to be helped. And, in most cases, providing help means that you have answered their precise questions and addressed their exact concerns. You’re only able to do that when you’ve actively listened to what they’ve had to say.

“A technique called ‘active listening’ is a helpful tool to ensure that understanding is complete,” informs Joy Hicks on, “In this technique, the listener will rephrase the information they heard in their own words. If this information is correct, the exchange is complete, if not the sender of the information can correct any misunderstandings at this time.”

2. You are flexible and can adapt to change.

You’re not the type to complain about changes. After all, in today’s world, things are constantly changing! With the advent of new technologies come new policies. And, often, it’s your job to explain those policies to the people who call up your business. If you have a desire to learn and grow as an expert in your field, your ability to provide unbeatable customer service will be unmatched.

“As today’s consumers have become much more demanding than ever before, customer service agents need to be ready to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and client requests, handle multiple service interactions at the same time, switch channels, and the like,” says Mary Shulzhenko on, “A readiness to play it by ear when necessary is crucial for providing efficient service without feeling overwhelmed.”

3. You use all the right pleasantries.

Your tone is friendly. You say “please” and “thank you”. You ask questions such as “How are you enjoying today’s weather?” or “Did you catch the ball game last night?” Such pleasantries showcase your human side. After all, you are a human, aren’t you? Top-notch customer service agents don’t act robotic. They make their callers feel that they are genuinely cared for.

“Telephone etiquette is not just what you say or what you do, it is also how you say it and how you do it,” insists Hicks. She goes on to advise phone agents to always thank their callers, never hang up first and to stay calm and polite even when people are being rude to you.

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