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3 Benefits Of Being Easy To Get In Touch With

In our last blog, we stressed the importance of providing expeditious customer service. In 2018, it’s what customers expect. When people contact businesses online or over the phone, they expect either immediate responses or those that are within 24 hours. Some business experts argue that all companies need to find ways to provide 24/7 service. And while that’s not totally feasible for all businesses, it is important to be easy to get in touch with.

Here are three benefits of being easy to get in touch with:

1. Repeat business.

Who doesn’t love to see the same customers come back over and over again? They are living proof that your company is doing something right. Brand loyalty is a key ingredient to any successful business. When you have repeat customers, it means that you have done what was necessary to earn trust, respect and the reputation of a dependable brand.

“Building brand loyalty takes time and effort,” says, “It means you can pull through for your customers at a moment’s notice and it means that you’re there when they need you. Brand loyalty comes when your company provides knowledge and experience when customers expect the least. Soar past expectations when you allow customers to get in touch anytime, day or night.”

2. Avoiding the loss of customers to the competition.

There’s nothing worse than losing customers to your competitors, is there? This is especially true when the problem that turned the customers away could have been avoided. Missing a call, neglecting to promptly return a message or an oversight that lead to a customer feeling ignored can lose you a lot of business. Keep in mind that consumers have options. And they will go elsewhere if they can’t depend on you.

“Consumers with urgent needs aren’t going to sit around and wait until you open your doors in the morning,” writes Andrew Tillery on, “And they aren’t going to leave you a voicemail and sit patiently by the phone until they hear back from you. They will always go with the company who responds promptly to their request. That company could be yours!”

3. The reputation of a “life saver”.

“You’re a life saver!” How often has this phrase of appreciation been uttered to those who have come through during dire moments? You can never predict the urgency felt by the customers who call you. It’s best to assume that all matters are urgent. In some cases, emergency situations of personal natures make it so that your immediate responses can mean the difference between life and death – so to speak. In some cases, your easy-to-get-in-touch-with nature will mean more than you know.

“Depending on the kinds of products and services you provide, you could have customers in need of emergency services,” notes, “If your doors are closed on a Sunday night when they need you the most, they could turn to your competitors. If no one is available, they’ll lose faith in your business and could be reluctant to work with you in the future.”

MeloTel proudly offers Single Number Reach – an incredible service that ensures that you are easy to get in touch with! It forwards your business number to up to five devices of your choice so that they all ring at the same time when the number is called. Single Number Reach makes it virtually impossible to be hard to access!

For more information, call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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