Winning The Domain Name Game

Domain names and internet conceptSaying that having a website is important is unquestionably an understatement. If you’re running a business of any kind, you better be online! We’ve mentioned a number of times in the past that most Canadian shoppers tend to visit stores via the internet before they actually head into physical store locations. So making sure your website is fully functional and regularly updated is pretty much mandatory.

Oh, wait. You don’t have a website set up yet? No problem! The first thing to do is choose your domain name. And that’s not as simple a task as you may think. Naturally, you’ll have to consider the name of your business. Usually, a company website’s domain name is made up simply of the company’s name. But what if you have a long company name?

Simplify Your Domain Name. It is never suggested that you choose a lengthy domain name. They are harder to remember and a lot more likely to be misspelled. If your company name was Meloche’s Big And Tall Outerwear and Sports Equipment, it probably wouldn’t be advisable to create a domain name containing all of those words. So other than keeping it short and sweet, what else should go into a domain name?

Purchase Your Domain Name. Yes, it’s important to buy your domain name as soon as you know that it’s available. Be sure to select a reputable company (hint, hint) that will provide you with affordable rates and guarantee your privacy. Once you have your domain name purchased, you can rest assured that it belongs to you. Activate your website when ready, just be sure to take care of this step early.

Keep Your Domain Name. Don’t let your domain name expire. The last thing you want is for you to have worked for years establishing your brand, only for someone else to come in and snatch up your entity. Be sure to keep tabs on your renewal dates with your registrar (the company that provided you with your domain name) and be sure to renew before your expiry dates.

Promote Your Domain Name. Naturally, you’ll want people to know your website. Be sure to get on to your social media pages to provide links to your site once it’s up and running. These days, networking sites like Twitter and Facebook practically go hand in hand with websites. Directing traffic to your site will be a very important step in growing your business.

MeloTel offers visitors to the ability to look up the availability of domain names for free. As you may have guessed, we also offer instant signup and registration of domain names and shared hosting accounts. In fact, if you click on this link, you can go directly to the page that will allow you to type in as many different domain names as you like to check their availability.

No matter the size of your business, MeloTel can provide you with incredible performance through our Managed Domain, Email & Web Hosting services. We don’t offer plans that insist upon long term commitments. You are absolutely free to cancel at any time. Not that we think you will want to! For more information, please give us a call by dialing 1-888-MELOTEL.