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Why You Should Put Your Faith In A Trusted Mentor

Having support is a wonderful thing. Sure, you may be a self-starter and an independent go-getter. But a little help from an experienced and trusted individual in your life can go a long way. Of course, we’re talking about the benefits of a having a mentor. It can be a family member, former boss, colleague or even a trusted online source. Could this very blog even serve as a mentor of some kind?

A mentor is an invaluable sound board. He/she is someone who has been where you are. A mentor is someone with whom you can have regular conversations. This person is understanding and patient. He/she is willing to offer up advice based on knowledge and experience with the intent of helping you successfully move forward in your career.

Mentors support professional growth.

A good mentor encourages his/her mentee. As a mentee, it’s your job to welcome such encouragement so that it helps you to focus your efforts on your ambitions. It’s important to set goals, but it’s also important accept feedback. Are you taking the right steps? Have there been any missteps along the way? A strong mentor helps you to head in the right direction, especially after you have veered off track.

By utilizing the knowledge of a mentor, you can create a productive workforce at your place of business. Often, experienced mentors help to foster development of an entire staff and not just its leader. Your mentor should value your brand and seek to help it grow through the advice and direction provided.

Mentors are great sources of knowledge.

The best mentors are proven experts in their fields. Using their wealth of knowledge and experience, they can provide mentees with specific insights and information. What is the best way to perform a particular task? In what way can you best utilize the skills you have? A great mentor has the answers to these questions.

Mentors are especially important for young entrepreneurs who are just starting out their careers. The guidance given can help new business owners to feel more comfortable in their newfound roles. Some help with developing a business plan is an excellent way for a mentor to set his/her mentee on the right path.

Mentors help to set and achieve goals.

What are your business goals? Sometimes, solidifying the answer to that question requires some assistance. A strong mentor can help with the setting of both your personal and professional development goals. You know you’re in good hands if your mentor encourages you to be “SMART”. SMART goals are those that are specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

By developing such goals, you can help focus your efforts. Doing so makes it much easier for you to track and assess your progress. With a good mentor, you will be able to identify and complete smaller tasks that will help you to inevitably achieve your larger objectives.

Are you looking for a mentor?

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