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We Are Praying For World Peace

Like so many people all across the world, the MeloTel team is deeply troubled by the news of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. To be perfectly frank, we’re well aware that “conflict” doesn’t even begin to sum up the horrors taking place in Ukraine right now. As you’ve surely heard, Russian troops are invading Ukraine, enacting a war. Over the past five days, upwards of a half million civilians have fled Ukraine looking for refuge.

Today’s blog is not a political statement. In fact, we don’t see how a wish for world peace could ever be construed as political. Our wish is of the humanitarian nature. We believe that all people, regardless of geographic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other man-made classification, should be regarded as equals. Each and every one of us is deserving of basic human rights and freedoms.

The world is only one, and we are all part of it.

A few days ago, we communicated this message on the MeloTel Facebook page. It was accompanied by a video that depicted all of the wonderful life that exists on our planet. However unrealistic it may seem, we continue to pray for a world where all of the creatures living on it exist in peace and harmony. It is our continued wish, of course, that the acts of war occurring in the Ukraine come to an immediate end.

Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. This excerpt from John Lennon’s “Imagine” was also featured on our Facebook page last week. We wish to state the fact that MeloTel takes no stance on the subject of religion other than to say that all people should be free to practice whatever they believe without repercussion. The things that make us different should be celebrated. War is never, ever necessary.

Today marks the fifth day of the Russian invasion.

This morning, The Associated Press, by way of CBC, reported that Russian and Ukrainian delegations are currently meeting for talks. There are high hopes but low expectations for a diplomatic breakthrough, says the report. It also refers to the invasion of Ukraine as the biggest land war in Europe since the Second World War.

The article also reveals that in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, people have been trapped indoors due to a curfew for days. Today, they are standing in long line ups in hopes to buy much-needed food and water. Meanwhile, explosions and gunfire surround them. Terrified families are huddling overnight in shelters, basements and corridors. We are mortified.

MeloTel stands with Ukraine.

This morning, MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche issued the following statement:

MeloTel will not be permitting the registration of any devices or services to businesses in Russia. While we recognize that this may have no impact on the Russian economy, it is the only official action we can take at this time. I stand with the people of Ukraine. We are all Ukraine! Free people should remain free. I am inspired by the real freedom fighters of Ukraine fighting for their futures and the future generation of their people.

The MeloTel team continues to collectively pray for peace.