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There’s No Locking Out MeloTel

breakingLockWorking as a cohesive unit is important in any business, in any industry. If you’re working within an organization where people cannot agree on how to get things done – things won’t get done. This was pretty much the case with the NHL and the NHLPA over the past several months. And as hockey fans everywhere now know, they’ve finally come to an agreement!

What does this mean? Well, NHL hockey is finally going to be back underway by the end of the week. The shortened 48-game season will commence this coming Saturday with MeloTel’s hometown Toronto Maple Leafs taking on their hated rivals, the Montreal Canadiens.

But what does this mean for business owners who aren’t hockey fans? Hopefully, a lesson learned in how to coexist with those you work with. Imagine your business completely shutting down because members of the staff couldn’t agree on certain terms. You’d pretty much have to go out of business, right? This is why so many hockey fans seem to be so upset over the fact that it took so many months to get the NHL season started.

“We don’t have that luxury,” commented one of our clients last week, “There’s no lockouts in our industry. And we’re not making half the money the players and owners are making. It’s crazy to me that they actually have the right to stop playing. They cheat the fans in the process. I can’t imagine cheating my customers like that.”

The MeloTel Team concurs. As always, our staff remains unified in our commitment to keeping our customers happy. Thankfully, the members of our team are comprised of people who think the same when it comes to satisfying our client base. A professional, friendly and easily accessible nature makes up the staple of a MeloTel team member’s attitude.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have disagreements. Is it possible for different people to always see eye to eye on everything? Of course not. But it’s how differences of opinion are handled among members of a team that makes the team a strong one. If the members are able to treat each other with respect, problems can be solved without much difficulty.

If only the NHL’s players and owners could have practiced these traits. With the last NHL lockout having only been seven years ago, it’s questionable if the two sides will ever completely be able to coexist. Nevertheless, the lockout is over and hockey is set to begin. And this is good for business!

“I’m so glad that hockey is back,” exclaimed another one of our clients who is part of the food industry, “In our business, hockey games bring customers into our restaurants. We provide great food, but also a great atmosphere by broadcasting the hockey games. But without any hockey, the atmosphere was a lot more dull – and less crowded as a result. I can’t wait for the puck to drop!”