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The MeloTel State of the Union

Almost 4 months into 2011 our carefully choreographed strategies have been right on target. During the first quarter of 2011, we committed to be focused primarily on two objectives. 1) Improve our network reach and grow our telecommunications infrastructure and capabilities. 2) Maintaining our customer satisfaction for quality of service and the support they receive.

Here’s what we have done to improve our infrastructure:

  • Spent tens of thousands in infrastructure between Montreal , Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver
  • Forged new relationships with transit and peering partners such as Primus, Shaw, Allstream, Bell & Cogent
  • Our network has become one of only a few “multi-homed” VoIP networks in Canada, consisting of redundant backbone connections to five major backbone providers
  • Established dedicated access to internet exchanges such as the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) and the Ottawa Internet Exchange (Ottix).
  • Connectivity from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, our combined backbone connections provide an aggregate backbone bandwidth of over 3800 Mbps (3.8 Gbps) capability
  • Our new direct connections into all major backbones means speed, quality and redundancy
  • The Future: MeloTel has positioned itself for long-term network growth and stability

Now… I’d like to share with you what we have done to maintain and improve on client satisfaction:

  • Provided the absolute best customer support to every client who asked for it
  • Assigned a committee dedicated to ensuring client service level expectations from all our staff are achieved
  • Extended our regular business hours from 9-5 to 8-6
  • Improved our bill design making it easier to understand to avoid confusion
  • Improved on the features and capabilities of our telephone system
  • Re-developed our 1-888-MELOTEL phone attendant to ensure our clients reach the right department when they call us
  • Expanded our graphics department to include 2 new seasoned designers
  • Started the MeloTel Blog to share helpful information with our clients and beyond
  • Redesigned to a more earth friendly tone
  • Joined twitter @melotel

Notice something missing from all statements above? How about Marketing? Believe it or not, this year MeloTel has not made any substantial marketing and sales initiatives to increase our client base. Although we’re anxious to build our client base, our primary focus for the first quarter in 2011 was to build something new clients will want and benefit from.

We’re not a public company. You can’t find MeloTel on the TSX or NYSE. We’re private company whose features and capabilities by far surpass any other commercial voip networks in Canada. This puts opportunity at our client’s fingertips that keeps them competitive in an ever changing world.

So what’s next for MeloTel in the second quarter? That’s an excellent question! Our objectives remain firm… 1) Continue to improve our network reach, and; 2) maintain our customer satisfaction. Our business is word of mouth… if you’re a happy client. Tell someone you know who appreciates a niche service like MeloTel.

Here are some other interesting facts about MeloTel that maybe you didn’t know:

  • Our clients make and receive more than 75,000 calls a day
  • Our average call duration is 1 minute and 48 seconds
  • Our current capabilities permit us to host 700 simultaneous calls at one time
  • The most popular dialed prefixes are 416, 403 and 647
  • Our servers transfer more than 25,000 emails every day
  • The longest call in the history of our company was 4 hours and 16 minutes
  • We currently field between 15 to 25 support requests every day
  • Our average time to complete a support request is under 3 minutes
  • Our average time to answer a call from a client is 8 seconds
  • We have voice and data servers in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia
  • We currently provide services in every province in Canada
  • The name “MeloTel” was derived from the last name “Meloche” after our President

In closing, we want to thank our clients and future clients. You are the best! Our mission is to continue our expansion to be the best we can be for you too! Thank you for coming to us and continuing to stay with us, we’ll never let you down.

Thank you,

MeloTel Staff