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Stepping It Up With Upgrades

Upgrading seems to a common theme in today’s business world. Take smartphones, for example. Many people find it to be a tough decision figuring out which brand and design to go with, considering that there always seems to be newer versions soon to come out. Technology is constantly improving, so why shouldn’t your devices? Right?

But are these devices improving? Or are they simply changing to give the public more options and more reasons to spend their money? Recently, SquareTrade Warranties conducted an experiment on Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 to test the sturdiness and durability of each device. The “drop tests” were documented in a YouTube video.

As The Toronto Star reported, both devices experienced significant damage, especially when dropped face down at shoulder height. Interestingly, the iPad 2 seemed to suffer the worse fate, virtually falling apart. According to SquareTrade, the new iPad was supposed to have an upgraded tougher screen.

The video, however, shows that the two iPad devices have the same type of screen protection. So where is the upgrade? Although we, at MeloTel, haven’t conducted any drop tests ourselves, it appears that the SquareTrade experiment has unveiled no real upgrade in the exterior of the new iPad at all.

With this revelation comes a reminder that it is important to always work towards making genuine improvements in your business to satisfy your customers. How can you do that? We often write about such things as blogging as a source of regularly updating your website. We also discuss upgrading your phone technologies in your office to have it run more efficiently.

The many services offered by MeloTel are all features that serve to upgrade your business. An obvious key to success is to keep up with the times, or moreover, stay ahead of them. Being innovative and always improving upon the services you can provide your customers will keep them confident that they can keep coming back to your trustworthy brand.

Keep in mind that each visit to your place of business is representative of a customer putting your company to the test. You always want to give them reasons to keep coming back. Perhaps, upgrading the interior design of your store is one way to show them that you are on top of things.

As well, your online presence may be the key. A strong website sends a strong message. Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL to discuss the upgrades that MeloTel can help your company with. We will make it our mission to ensure that your company is equipped with the products and/or services that will allow it to pass any drop test!