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Should You Go With A Short Or Long Domain Name For Your Website?

When selecting a domain name for your business, it appears sensible to take the short and sweet approach. And in many cases, this is true. Our own website, for example, is simply our business name. Coming up with didn’t take us very long, for obvious reasons. However, not every business has a name as short as ours. If every business owner took the same approach that we did, there would be some incredibly long domain names out there. And, the fact is, there are!

The case against long domain names.

The problem with long domain names is that they are often harder to remember and difficult to type in. If you owned a store and decided to call it “John’s Boats And Bikes Repair Shop”, you may want to reconsider your likely first thought of going with the domain name As you can see, it’s a bit more difficult to read when written out that way.

The case against short domain names.

However, a case can be made against going with domain names that are too short. Many businesses choose to go the “initial” route. And, in many of those cases, they work our just fine. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is well known as CBC, so it stands to reason that their network’s domain name is made up of those three initials. This doesn’t work for all businesses though.

An alternative suggestion for a domain name that suits the above mentioned fictional business is The initials don’t exactly roll off the tongue and they don’t make a unique word either. So it would be hard to communicate this domain name to potential customers. Of course, the domain name meets the short and sweet approach – although it can be argued that it’s not all that sweet. It is less than memorable and can be considered complicated.

Imagine trying to tell someone how to find the company online! “Go to J-B-A-B-R-S dot com”. The explanation will likely take longer than saying the name of the business itself. So, perhaps, choosing the best domain name of your business is less about whether it’s short or long and more about how memorable and easy it is to communicate to others.

With that said, we’d submit that the best domain name for “John’s Boats And Bikes Repair Shop” is In this case, we’ve found a happy medium. The domain name isn’t too long and not so short that it becomes obscured. It’s easy to say, easy to remember and totally represents the business adequately.

It’s all about getting a domain name that’s meaningful.

Like the one we suggested, the domain name you choose should be have just the right combination of letters to perfectly align with your brand. At MeloTel, we proudly offer Domain, Email & Web Hosting services that establish a Fortune 500 configuration for businesses of all sizes.

Not only do we help you locate your domain name but when you select MeloTel as your Shared Managed Hosting Provider, you will be able to rely on our high performance world class network and our state of the art data centres. As well, none of our plans require any term commitment. You are free to cancel at any time!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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