Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With The People Of Florida

Florida has been hit with one of its worst storms in recent memory. Right at this moment, Hurricane Ian is wreaking havoc throughout central Florida. Houses and streets are flooded and rescue crews are racing to reach trapped residents along the state’s Gulf Coast.

Although Hurricane Ian had weakened to a Category 4 tropical storm earlier this week, it regained Category 1 hurricane strength yesterday. It has moved north toward South Carolina above the Atlantic Ocean and has reached wind speeds of 150 kilometres per hour. There is wreckage everywhere. Reports have estimated that several years will be necessary for the state to fully recover from this disaster.

MeloTel sends its love and support to Florida.

The entire MeloTel team would like to take this opportunity to communicate its undying support of all Floridians. Our thoughts and our prayers are focused on those who have been displaced from their homes and are fighting to survive the elements. We can’t imagine the terror involved in contending with a natural disaster the likes of Hurricane Ian. We wish everyone health and safety as they wait out the storm.

The MeloTel team has many ties to Florida, including numerous family members. Our Editor In Chief, Daniel Faraldo’s cousin, Gail is a resident of Sarasota. “Power is out at Mom and Dad’s since this morning,” she reported yesterday, “I’ve been blessed with it all day. Winds have been strong and scary. A lot of broken trees and flying debris still going for the past five hours.”

MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche is very closely connected to the Sunshine State. “Having spent much of my own childhood in Florida and having a lot of family in southern Florida, I was watching this storm very closely,” reports John, “I am lucky to know that my family is safe and sound. My heart goes out to all those impacted by this tragic storm.”

MeloTel also has several Florida-based clients.

They include expert signage manufacturers, Stellar Signs & Graphics of West Palm Beach and health care consultants, Allegiant Experts in Windermere. Having been in touch with these wonderful clients of ours, we’re aware that some closures were necessary this week. We continue to offer them our best wishes, knowing that their safety means more to us than anything.

Hurricane Ian continues to surge.

Today, the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center reports that there is still danger of a life-threatening storm along the coasts of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Considerable flooding is expected throughout the region. News reports also indicate that Hurricane Ian is a particularly wet storm. The flooding resulting from the storm is what is causing the extreme damage.

About two million Floridians have been without power this week. However, we are heartbroken to learn that, as of this writing, 21 people have been reported to have lost their lives. We sincerely hope that this storm comes to an end sooner than expected and that there will be no more loss of life.

You can help with Hurricane Ian relief.

American Red Cross, Save The Children and GlobalGiving have all set up Hurricane Ian relief funds. Any support that you can offer will certainly go a long way.