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No Gimmicks, Just Savings And Great Service

So a friend of MeloTel’s informs us, the other day, about a very interesting phone call he had with one of the big name telephone companies. This company, his long-time cell phone and cable TV provider, was contacted because our friend needed their help. You see, he was having some trouble avoiding a particular person who wouldn’t stop harassing him.

“It’s not even funny,” he revealed to us, “This person has not stopped calling and texting for over a year without a response. It’s crazy. So I called up (my provider) to ask what I could do to block the number. They insisted that I would have to pay an extra five dollars a month to get that feature. However, I could get a new BlackBerry for free!”

Our puzzled friend took the new BlackBerry, even though he got off the phone disappointed that the reason he called was an issue that went unresolved. Not only that, but he later discovered that his cell phone provider had extended his contract without informing him that it was all part of the agreement in order for him to have received his new smartphone.

“They didn’t tell me that over the phone!” he angrily exclaimed, “I likely wouldn’t have minded, but I feel like they kind of tricked me. And why is it that these companies can’t do one simple thing that a long-time customer asked for and actually needed? No wonder they have to trick people into staying with them.”

The new phone is pretty nice, our friend admits. But his overall experience with this big name phone company is currently less than stellar. Considering this encounter, MeloTel wishes to remind all of our readers about our commitment to customer satisfaction. There are no tricks here. We know that this is the real way to encourage customers to stay with us.

This is why our Residential Phone Services plan has no commitment whatsoever. It’s a month to month service that allows clients to cancel at any time they wish. Our clients may also keep the current phone number that they have when making the switch to MeloTel. Same number, less cost!

And although our residential phone services require a high-speed internet connection, it works easily with any existing corded or cordless telephones. All you need to do is plug in to the internet and start calling, the same as always. At MeloTel, we work to make your lives easier, not harder. No gimmicks, just honest and good service.

Call us today at 1-888-MELOTEL and press option 3 to find out more about our telephone services and all of their great features!