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New Newsletter On The Way

Business owners are always thinking of ways to promote their businesses. And we, here at MeloTel, are no different. Naturally, we’d like to create as many strong customer relationships as possible. And as such, we make it a daily mission to be thinking of ways to continually find ways to top ourselves.

Firstly, as we made clear in our last blog, we believe that our customers should be treated with the utmost respect. Meeting their needs and resolving any potential concerns is of paramount importance to us. We believe that when you make your customers happy, they make you a lot more customers!

Secondly, being a top VoIP telephone service provider, MeloTel is very much in touch with the advent of modern technologies. We’ve blogged a number of times about the ways in which social networking websites have helped small businesses to promote themselves for free.

Naturally, we have both a Facebook and Twitter profile that we are happy to say continue to grow exponentially with friends and followers respectively. Well, this week we decided to continue our trend of trying to top ourselves by offering our clients and colleagues yet another way to stay in touch and keep on top of what’s up with MeloTel.

Tomorrow, we will be starting a nifty new newsletter and we would like to invite you to join our emailing list. Our email newsletter will be a quick and concise way of keeping you up to date with all of the latest news concerning MeloTel. It will include links to blogs you may have missed and also ask you for your opinions about ways we can help you better.

In addition to blogs, email newsletters have proven to be effective advertising tools. But, to be honest, these newsletters are more about educating than they are about advertising. explains that the various topics contained in newsletters “could vary from anything purely simple to sublime and can be very loosely related to business.”

The idea is to generate interest in your company and encourage more visits to your website. As articulates it, “It is crucial to make your website attractive so that it will be able to grab attention of your visitors. Today there are millions websites to choose from. If you do not like your website, how can you expect people to visit it again?”

We hope you will enjoy our newsletters and we certainly look forward to getting your feedback about them. In fact, each newsletter will conclude with a poll that we’d love for you to take a second to answer. To join our emailing list, simply email us at

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