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Motivating Your Team Of Champions

When a sports team wins a championship, the members rush the field, ice or court to celebrate in the most joyous way imaginable. Jumping around, hugging each other, high fives and pile-ons all make up the ways that teams celebrate after an arduous year that has ended in the best way possible. Success should be celebrated. How else can a team be better motivated to win?

As we’ve been discussing throughout our blogs this week, a strongly motivated team makes for one that will perform at its best. The best team managers are the ones that work towards providing this sense of motivation all year round. We’re not just talking about morning meetings and bonuses. We’re talking about daily efforts to show appreciation to the people who make your company great.

On, Michele Eby writes about a number of ways that business owners can offer their teams motivation. We’ve been exploring these methods all week and would like to round out her list of ideas in today’s blog. Remember that a happy staff is a hard-working staff. We’ve always found that to be the case, here at MeloTel. So how can you achieve that at your place of business?

Offer your appreciation. Sometimes, it’s as simple as saying “thank you”. Eby writes that “a sincere thank you at the end of a shift or day goes a long way. It’s a means for noticing effort and showing you care. When possible be specific about why you appreciate their efforts.” For example, “I appreciate your extra effort this afternoon. It gives me more time to prepare for the meeting.”

Develop your team. Give your staff members the confidence that they will be around for the long haul. Let them know about your company’s overall goals and include them in how you intend on meeting them. This will give them a sense of belonging and they will work harder to help you reach your goals. Your employees need to see themselves as part of the big picture.

One way to achieve this is to have “future-focused” conversations. Suggests Eby, “At least twice a year (or) once a quarter if you can manage it, talk to your employees about what they like about their job and what they dislike. Where they see themselves in the future. What they want and how they plan to get there. What they think they need to learn.”

Offer your time. One thing that is sure to dissuade your employees from feeling valued is when you express to them that you don’t have time. When you offer your time, it shows that you wish for them to succeed. After all, if they succeed, then so does your business. So offering your time should be one of your biggest priorities.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re a counselor for their personal problems,” writes Eby, “It means guiding them and coaching them. It means checking in with them occasionally to find out how things are going and how the team is doing. It means connecting with them as people first.” It is our hope, here at MeloTel, that our blogs this week will help to motivate you to motivate your team!