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MeloTel Weathers The Storm

snowstormLast Friday, the city of Toronto (home to MeloTel headquarters) endured the worse snow storm of the winter, thus far. The snow came down continuously all day long. And this put quite the damper on the travel plans for many of the city’s citizens. Many schools closed their doors for a snow day and many universities postponed their exams. For the most part, Toronto ceased to function for a day.

As far as MeloTel was concerned, however, it was just another day at work. Following the lead of MeloTel President, John Meloche, the MeloTel staff remained on call to assist with any and all clients who had questions or concerns throughout the day. This isn’t to say that it wasn’t a tough trek into the office. But the dedication of our staff persevered nonetheless to make it into work.

On his Facebook page, John even went so far as to inform his friends that the “Ontario Provincial Police (were) urging motorists to stay off the roads on Friday. A snowstorm dumped at least 29 centimeters of snow over southern Ontario, including Toronto. Police say the snow is causing treacherous conditions on the road. Officers have fielded more than 500 calls since the snow started falling.”

But did this phase MeloTel’s President? Not one bit. In fact, in response to the huge snowfall, John proudly proclaimed, “I am CANADIAN! If snow stops someone from getting to work, they should give up their (sic) citizenship.” This lighthearted statement represents John’s dedication to his clients. As far as he’s concerned, if MeloTel is to be a dependable brand, it’s President must lead by example.

We’re happy to inform all of our clients and colleagues that through rain, sleet or snow (literally), MeloTel will always be up and running to serve you. In fact, MeloTel is committed to ensuring that your company is also able to service its customers regardless of weather conditions. On the MeloTel Facebook page last week, we posted about this commitment of ours.

“Are you prepared for what they call ‘Historic Snow Fall’ this week?” we wrote, “Learn how Tele-Commuting has never been easier with MeloTel. Contact us to discuss ways of ensuring your business communications and effectiveness are not affected by Mother Nature’s elements. Call 1-888-635-6835, option 3 today.” That number, by the way, can easily be remembered as 1-888-MELOTEL.

John’s dedication to keeping his clients happy goes even further than the services his company provides. As per usual, our company Facebook page comes complete with pictures and information to keep all of our fans informed about important current events. And considering last Friday’s snow storm, many will be happy to know that winter may be making an early exit this year.

Earlier this month, we reported that there was “good news for those hoping for an early spring, as Ontario’s Wiarton Willie did not see his shadow this morning, predicting an early spring.” We are not entirely sure how reliable this Groundhog Day tradition really is. But we guarantee the reliability of MeloTel. No matter what, we weather the storm.