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MeloTel Introduces New Price Plan!

With 2012 in full swing, there’s a lot of talking going on about resolutions and reaching new goals. Naturally, we have been blogging about such concepts, here at MeloTel, declaring our very own commitment to keeping our customers happy. In keeping with that vision, we are stepping it up yet another notch as we begin this new year.

In our last blog, we listed a few bullet points that help outline MeloTel’s dedication to its customers. Today, we are happy to focus on one of those points by unveiling a bit of good news. Pricing is important to just about everyone. Ensuring that you are receiving optimum service for your hard-earned money is not only fair, but it’s your right.

At least, that’s what we believe. So we’d like to let you know that, effective immediately, there is a brand new price plan for MeloTel’s VoIP Dial Plan. Be sure to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL to find out exactly how this may benefit you. The new 2012 rates are based on a number of tiers depending on the service you require. We look forward to matching you with the best plan for your business for the best price possible!

Of course, finding the best price point for a product or service can be quite the challenge. According to, pricing should benefit both the customers and the company. Natrually, it shouldn’t be so low that it doesn’t generate any type of profit for your business. As well, a price point that is too low may affect the credibility of your company.

On the flip side, your price point should also not be too high. Obviously, this can impact how many customers you get. So how can one find the “perfect balance” when deciding upon pricing? offers up a number of suggestions that we’d like to take a look in today’s blog.

Consider the Consumer. You know the saying that “the customer is always right”? In truth, the phrase may not be as accurate as “the customer should always come first”. Remember that if you are not pleasing your customers, you will essentially run yourself out of business. insists that you select your pricing by considering the consumer in the buying-decision process. You don’t want to set a price that will either have them question the validity of your brand or scare them away. Be sure to inform your clients about all necessary charges as well. Shipping costs, for example, should never appear hidden.

Competition and Production Costs. Some business owners make the common mistake of creating a pricing strategy based on what their competition is charging. notes that you should avoid this strategy. Instead, “incorporate all the costs that go into the actual production while deciding the price of the product.”

Be sure to check out our next blog for more tips on locating the right price points for your business.