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Meet Kathryn Meloche

We’re sure you’ve heard variations of the phrase “behind every good man is a good woman”. At MeloTel, this idiom couldn’t be more true. In a parallel universe where the MeloTel Team exists as superheroes, our President John Meloche would be Iron Man. Or so we’ve been told. Well, if that’s so, then his beautiful wife Kathryn must be Wonder Woman!

Of course, Kathryn is too shy to say that of herself. The self-admitted introvert is only too happy to fulfill her role as the “behind the scenes” manager of Bookkeeping and Administration. But don’t think that John can run the MeloTel ship without her. Kathryn’s presence as both his wife and voice of reason is what has helped the company to truly set sail.

“He’s the loud one, I’m more down to earth,” explains Kathryn, “He’s so energetic and passionate about everything he does. But when he gets worked up and excited about something, he needs me. I have to bring him back down to earth, I’m sometimes the rational one.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being passionate, of course. But where there’s a yin, there must a yang, right?

Undoubtedly, this is what makes John and Kathryn such a great couple. They provide each other with balance. After all, who else is going to be John’s biggest supporter when his hip-hop career takes off? Insisting that she would never get on stage under any circumstances, Kathryn notes that John’s love for the performing arts is what helps to make MeloTel so great.

“He’s passionate about anything he puts his mind to,” she explains, “He’s 100 per cent about his customers and making them happy.” This is a point that both John and Kathryn completely agree on. Through her experience with bookkeeping and handling customer queries about billing statements, Kathryn has garnered an expert grasp on how to communicate with clients.

We’ve all had bad customer service experiences. And by going through them herself, Kathryn has pinpointed what she believes is the key to making customers happy. “It’s about being prompt and responsive,” she says, “You can’t make your clients wait to get answers. It’s my job to try to find a solution as quick as possible for them.”

We’ve often mentioned that MeloTel is a “people’s company” and that the MeloTel Team is a family. The husband and wife duo that puts the “Melo” in MeloTel represents the head of the family, and as such, the family members follow their lead. But who really is the leader? Has Kathryn been the mastermind behind all of John’s successes this whole time?

“In the MeloTel world, he’s the leader,” Kathryn insists, “But we make the big decisions together. When he wants to expand the business, it’s something we talk about together, because obviously it’s a decision that affects the family as well.” But what about at home? “He’s clueless. When I went away, he didn’t know where the garbage bags were,” she laughs.

Never one to brag about herself (that’s clearly John’s job), Kathryn is an entrepreneur in her own right. Having recently launched, her baking business is just one of her many other life passions. It’s no wonder MeloTel is growing to be such a power house in the telecom industry. Evidently, behind every powerful man is a powerful woman!