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Meet Carlos Paz

Every good superhero needs a trustworthy sidekick. Well, at least the best ones do. And although Carlos Paz, MeloTel’s Administrative Executive can be referred to as company President John Meloche’s right hand man, this team is no Batman and Robin. “John is more like Tony Stark (Iron Man),” describes Carlos, “He’s a smart alec who embraces being in the public eye. He’ll also tell you how things are without reserve.”

“I’m more like Batman,” he explains, “I’m more reserved and conservative and don’t feel I have any special powers. Just a hunger for knowledge.” Such words come as no surprise to those who know the Guatemalan-born tech junkie. As a child, Carlos dreamed of becoming a commercial pilot and even attended aviation school after completing his high school education. It’s no wonder John and Carlos make such a good team. These superheroes provide a type of balance that allows MeloTel to cover all angles when dealing with clients.

Carlos shares the MeloTel Team belief that there is a technology that exists that can make people’s lives easier for every possible scenario. And if it doesn’t exist yet, he’s dead set on discovering it for himself! A self-professed bookworm, Carlos admits to not taking any time off from learning. His insatiable thirst for knowledge keeps him steadily on the hunt for answers on how to solve many of life’s problems.

“I always had questions as a kid,” he says, “I wanted to learn more about everything I heard about. I needed explanations, not just answers. I needed to know why things were or how they came about. I love learning. I don’t like hearing ‘you’re not allowed to do this or you’re not allowed to do that’. I believe that there is always a way to achieve what you want.”

It’s this steadfast belief in the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” type of thinking that helps for Carlos to virtually run the MeloTel ship alongside, John Meloche. With Carlos being the Dr. Spock to John’s Captain Kirk, the vessel requires both to fly smoothly, as each individual is capable to take over in the other’s absence.

“I need to know the business as much as John does. I’m an operating partner and I oversee the operations of the company. Accountants reports to me. I always monitor the books as I’m the math guy. I’m a neat freak who is very organized. John is digitally organized, but literally, not so much. Sometimes I try to clean him up,” laughs Carlos.

Arguably, MeloTel’s best dressed team member, Carlos provides a more grounded approach to business handling than his extroverted counterpart. Having previously run a construction company as well as his own repair shop as a teenager, Carlos knows the ins and outs of running a multimillion dollar business. His partnership with John is solidified, not only in the way that they are able to provide balance to each other’s business approaches, but in their agreement about what it takes to succeed.

“Sustainability is what separates MeloTel from its competitors,” insists Carlos, “We can offer great prices, have great customer service and make a lot of sales. But we want to be here for the long term. We’re trying to create an empire.” And how does Carlos plan on achieving that for MeloTel? It’s all about digital automation, he says.

“Other companies are stuck on using systems that are hard to learn,” he explains, noting that constantly learning about technology upgrades is what helps MeloTel stay ahead of the game. Never being outdone means never being outdated, according to Carlos. Iron Man and Batman may have never worked together in the world of comic books. But in the MeloTel world, their union has made quite the unstoppable duo!

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