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Know Your Telemarketing Rules And Rights

By now, we’re pretty sure you are well aware of our take on scam artists – we don’t like them. And with one trying to put the moves on MeloTel President, John Meloche earlier this week, we thought it was best to provide some important information on how scammers can be stopped. It’s important to report any potential scammer that calls you.

Our blogs, this week, have been focusing on ways to avoid being called by unscrupulous telemarketers by placing yourself on the National Do Not Call List. You should always know your rights, however, even if you’re not on that list. Our last blog ended with some information about the rules that telemarketers must follow when they call you.

But did you also know that there are rules set in place by the CRTC when it comes to numbers that you call? Any time you are given a number to call, it is important that the company who provided the number adheres to certain guidelines. After all, these numbers are supposed to be providing you with a worthwhile service.

Firstly, numbers provided to a consumer must be answered by either a live operator or a voicemail system that can receive messages. You should never get a busy signal or have no answer at all. The voicemail is required to inform you that your message will be returned within the next three business days. The telemarketer, therefore, is required to call you back within that time frame.

If you choose to, you may ask the telemarketer to place your number on his or her own do not call list. This isn’t the same as registering with the National DNCL, but it does entail that the specific telemarketer in question refrains from calling you for the next three years, after a 31-day period from the date you make the request.

For more information about the National Do Not Call List or any of the telemarketing rules that we have mentioned this week, be sure to click the links in our blogs and visit these very important websites. It’s time to put a stop to scam artists who use the phone to swindle hardworking people out of their money.

We take this mission a bit personally, here at MeloTel. Knowing how hard we work to provide our own clients with top-notch products and services, we take pride in being ethical and honest. It’s only fair that other companies – even those who may not use the phone to solicit services – act accordingly.